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Castillero Middle School


GloriaAshdown September 5, 2012

Why are there suddenly so many bad reviews on the Castillero website. My son graduated from Castillero in 2009. At that time it was an excellent school that offered my more left brained child a chance to explore the arts with music and drama as well as offering great academics. As I'm a realtor as well as a parent I'm concerned that the negative reviews (either right or wrong) are affecting prices of homes in our neighborhoods in Almdaden Valley.

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dragon101 October 5, 2012

Well, reviews reflect how we'll the school is doing. Maybe in 2009 it was a good school, and I'm not saying that isn't great, I have no doubt it's great-- but if parents aren't pleased, that's not their fault.

My suggestion is if you want prices to go up--help the school go up. I don't ow if you still have a child at that school, but even if you don't you can help out by donating money, volunteering or a number of other things. :)

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