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How to Help My School?


dragon101 October 5, 2012

What are some ways to help the schools your kids go to, without giving money? We're kind of short on money, so that's out. Also, although I am willing to spend time, I am very busy with work, and unpacking and all of this stuff. What are some simple ways I can help the school out? Especially the science program.

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MagnetMom October 6, 2012

Hi dragon101, and welcome to the GreatSchools community.

One of the easiest things to do is call the school and *ask.* They can tell you what you can help with--by signing up for a committee with a small time commitment, or by taking papers home to staple, or whatever they need.

Some schools have gotten wise, and actually frame their volunteer requests with the time commitment (15 minutes a week, or 1 hour a week for one month).

They might even need you for one evening for a family fun night.

Good luck!


Carron October 14, 2012

Ask what your school needs and how you can help. You can help your school raise money if they collect box tops for education by saving these yourself and asking other family members to save them also.


dragon101 November 12, 2012

Thanks ! I'm thinking about starting a Box Tops collection.

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