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Saftey of Moountlake Terrace elementary school


nona12 February 1, 2013

I was shocked and disturbed that the school classrooms were just opened to the public, after Sandy Hook this should be the most least cost affective to put in place, the Office is open , the PE room the doors are physicallly opened for everyone to see all the children, and the classrooms doors are opened, Have we not learned anything, to take the attitude that this will not happen to us is insaine, it can!! where are the satey precautions that should have taken place by now. All of the doors to each and every room should be locked during school hours, there should be some deturant incase of a mass killer, and teachers should not release any child to go to the office unattended, let that person pick them up from class, this non shalant attitude can get these children KILLED!! this needs some serous conversation and action

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nona12 February 1, 2013

I think that the Principal and the Suprentendent of the School board should be notified of these action of the school!! and if not the congressman and then the President of the United States, if necessary!!!.


MagnetMom February 1, 2013

Hi nona12, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

It's so interesting how each incident shapes our perspective. In my area, the schools prefer to keep the doors open for transparency and to show parents and the community that there is nothing insidious goes on in the classroom. Another school has no gates or fences. Every few years someone comes up and with valid concerns asks to fence in the school for safety.

If you have concerns about your school, ask to speak to the school site council or governing body. And even ask to sit in on the safety committee meetings. You'll find out what safety procedures are in place to protect the staff and children.

Good luck.

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