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Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis

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Indianapolis IN

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28 reviews of this school

Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis 5488593 1

Posted March 19, 2014
- a parent
My son went to school there for 9th grade. The first semester was ok, by second semester he was bullied for his speech and the teachers and Principal did nothing. The teachers were unorganized and condescending to the students. Poorly run school. I would not recommend.

Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis 5456872 1

Posted February 20, 2014
- a parent
Hoosier Academy Virtual School could have been like Connections Academy and offered the best of both worlds. It was convenient when I went out of state for grandkids' graduation. We were able to do all the lessons from where we were. When the temperatures were freezing we did not miss any school. It could be great. I trained on Hoosier Academy a few years ago. My child was with Connections Academy last year. So, I can compare a few years ago with now and also to Connections Academy. Their teachers were awful. So I brought my child to Hoosier Academy. But this K12 platform is not the same system they had a few years ago. It has a horrible structure and apparently K12 expects the teachers to be system engineers and handle all of the problems. There have been constant system problems. It seems like the right hand does not know what the left is doing. No one follows up, even when they contact you, apologize for the mess up and say they will correct it. Completely disorganized!! Once the K12 corporate gets the money from my school district they don't seem to care about anything else.

Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis 5434670 1

Posted February 02, 2014
- a parent
HA is an awful school - is the best I can say. They are completly focused on Study Island blue ribbons and ISTEP. It's a waste of time and effort for my children and the system leaves you overwhelmed and disappointed. The amount of kmails sent in a day is crazy - sometimes upwards of 5 - 6 and you're expected to reply constantly. They send kmails that are nearly threatening in nature reminding you to comply with online testing, study island, etc., and if you don't your hurting your children. It's based of fear mongering and we hated it. Stay away if you value your time and sanity.

Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis 5340517 5

Posted October 27, 2013
- a parent
As a parent whose has done it all -- homeschool, public school and online school -- I think Hoosier is a great mix of each. The staff is amazing and work really hard. Sure, as with any program Hoosier has its flaws, but overall, I'd recommend Hoosier in a heart beat. My daughter decided to go to public school for high school and academically, she's doing outstanding. I believe Hoosier is the reason why she's doing so great academically in public school now.

Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis 5330361 5

Posted October 18, 2013
- a parent
I love this school! My daughter has been in Hoosier Academies since 2nd grade (she is now a 7th grader). We have been with both the hybrid and Virtual school. I prefer the fully virtual school, my daughter is home safe and sound, and is attending school 6 hrs per day. She has live classrooms that she attends for her core subjects. There is live help from a teacher when she needs it, and plenty of group activities if we choose to attend. She is also required to do the ISTEP just like brick and mortar schools. I am so grateful to have the choice for my child to attend Hoosier Academies!

Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis 5330710 5

Posted October 18, 2013
- a parent
This is a review for the K-6 hybrid school. This is our family's second year at Hoosier Academy and we love it. I have a Kindergartener, a 2nd grader and a 6th grader in the program. The K12 curriculum is very well rounded and my children enjoy it. My 2nd grader loves learning about ancient Rome in his history lessons, my Kindergartener is learning about different counties in Europe and my six grader loves learning about Ancient civilizations in his history lessons especially ancient China. This school requires a lot of parental involvement with the younger grades, this is something to consider if you decide to choose Hoosier Academy. Also, this is a public school; as such you are still required to do state testing. While doing this program gives you a lot of flexible this is not homeschooling, it's schooling at home. You have to make sure your staying on pace with the curriculum and not get behind, you can work ahead as well if your child is a fast learner. You have to keep track of your attendance every school day as well which isn't hard at all if you log it on-line when your child finishes their lesson. Hoosier Academy is a lot of hard work but totally worth it for my family.

Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis 5223192 1

Posted August 04, 2013
- a parent
HA is awful. I have two very advanced students that needed challenged, however we ended up overwhelmed and very disappointed. It felt like a waste of time after being bombarded by numerous K-Mails everyday and the plethora of nonsense required to deal with on a daily basis, it left little to be excited about. Study Island is now required so we can prep for ISTEP tests - yet another waste of time. Our children just felt so overworked and frustrated in the end it wasn't even worth it. Take it from me - these are uncaring and rude individuals running the Indianapolis school and we left after it was clear things were only getting worse. Steer clear if you value your sanity.

Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis 5095657 1

Posted April 06, 2013
- a parent
My daughter attended her freshmen year and had no issues. Sophomore year was different. She could not log onto her Kmail and calls to her advisor yielded "We'll look into it". Then the computer would get boot her out of class and it would not register her attendance. Calls to her teacher yielded "send us a Kmail". Eventually they sent a letter stating due to her attendance, or lack thereof, she would be considered withdrawn from school unless we called. Calls were never answered and messages were never returned. then they sent us the labels to return her supplies.

Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis 5038342 1

Posted February 06, 2013
- a parent
My daughter attended Hoosier Academy the school year 2011-2012 and had no issues,. This year, however, was different. Her computer quit working in November. We saved all school work to a flash drive waiting for a new computer. We are still waiting for the new computer and the teachers are not allowed to accept her work on flash drive, so therefore my A/B student is now complete Fs. 20 some emails to the principal and superintendent had no results (plus numerous phone calls). My daughter no longer attends and I would advise any one considering this program "DONT DO IT". No consideration for the student or the stress it causes the family.

Hoosier Academy - Indianapolis 4627250 4

Posted January 18, 2013
- a community member
I take a great liking to this school. I've been at Hoosier since I was in the second semester of 8th grade, having had terrible experiences at my previous school, and am now in 11th grade. The classrooms are considerably compared to most other high schools, and there's sort of a community feeling to it (pretty much everyone knows each other). In my roughly three years of being here, I have never once seen another student bully another, and the students tend to be pretty acceptant of other students' differences. I find that the teachers are dedicated in helping the students and often have very creative methods of teaching. However, considering it largely revolves around internet and computer use, you really have to be motivated to learn things. Easier said than done oftentimes! I have to agree with most people on here that the school can be really unorganized and it can get pretty frustrating. I'd have to say the positives outweigh the negatives.

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