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Indianapolis, IN
Students enrolled: 2,592
Before care: No
After care: No

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6215 South Franklin Road
Indianapolis, IN 46259

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(317) 862-6646
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July 10, 2015
Most of my life I have spent my school years in the west. I had moved from WA. State after my sophomore year. If you are a parent or student who have just moved from the west to here it's very different. The teachers are amazing, they really know how to help you understand the criteria and help you get through class. The AP classes are wonderful too and really do invite a challenge. This school has the best teachers I've ever met. However on the social aspect it's very difficult. I'm a pretty outgoing person but they way people in the Midwest interact is completely different from the west. I had a hard time adjusting to the people and making friends. This school is also very competitive and you have to be really good at something to get into sports or theater. It's a huge school as well, all my life I've been to smaller schools so it is a big adjustment and it gets scary at times. If anyone is wondering they have a closed campus so you cannot ever leave school unless you are excused and are forced to eat in the cafeteria. Something I didn't like. If you're a person from the west who is used to more open minded, smaller, uncompetitive schools, this is going to be hard. I was here for a semester of my junior year then dropped out for online due to the many changes that caused depression. However if you can adapt easily and enjoy competitive big schools it is really nice and I can assure you the teachers are wonderful. Not everyone is perfect but most of them are amazing.

- submitted by a community member

March 21, 2015
My son is in his first year at Franklin Central; it is simply a fantastic school. I cannot say enough good things about Franklin Township as a whole. My son isn't an athletic type but the school has a great choir and arts program for kids more inclined to like music, arts, band and theater. He also thrives academically and I've never had a problem with any of his teachers. In fact, his gym teacher took the time to call me just to say he had improved a lot since the first of the year. How many teachers bother to call to say something positive? I was recently offered a job out of state but had to decline because I can't be sure we could find a school we like as much in Nashville, TN. I'm here until he's off to college!

- submitted by a parent

April 08, 2014
All 3 of my children have attended Franklin Central Schools. All 3 of them have done well academically. My youngest child has been in the top 10 since first attending the high school. The AP classes have completely prepared her for college, SAT and ACT testing. They keep the parents and students well informed. FC does have challenges just like every school in America created by mixed cultures and negative influences in today's society. I think FC has done an excellent job handling all different types of situations to the best of their abilities. Keep up the great work, parents and students love you.

- submitted by a parent

February 05, 2014
Franklin Central is the best High School that I have ever attended. They are very fair and understanding and get to know you as a person. Choose FC as your school choice!!!

- submitted by a student

March 15, 2011
I have two daughters that attent FCHS and they both hate it! They have been there since freshman year and now are currently Sophmores and I am currently looking to move out of this district. My daughters do very well academically but this school allows too many racially inappropriate things to slide by without consequences and I will no longer subject my daughters to have to listen to the "jokes" about black people! They will be out of there come springbreak.

- submitted by a parent

May 31, 2010
Post 2: Mr. Koers is also the nicest person I think that I ve ever met. He doesn t brush you off his shoulder. He takes his job, and each and every one of his students seriously. The extracurricular activities provide amazing leadership and teamwork values. I am involved in both Show Choir and the Radio program. Not only has the experience of both of these brought me numerous friends; it has encouraged me to keep my grades up and helped improve my self-esteem tremendously. Franklin Central has taught me that if I want to make any progress I need to take initiative in my own life, work with others, and get the most out of my education that I possibly can. Any one who has attended this school and gives a bad review did not motivate themselves to succeed, and their parents didn t take the time to figure that out.

- submitted by a student
no rating
May 07, 2010
My husband and I have watched all 4 of our kids grow up in the Franklin Township schools. Our youngest is in his last year at the high school. We have absolutely nothing to complain about. The high school has so much to offer in the way of education, extracurricular activities, parental volunteering, getting kids ready for college, and much more. It has been a wonderful experience for our kids and for us as parents. Although 2 out of our 4 didn't get the grades we wished they had, it was no fault of the school. We highly recommend this high school to any parent out there wanting a good education for their children, and any school in Franklin Township for that matter.

- submitted by a parent

January 08, 2010
I have been attending Franklin Township schools since first grade, and I have felt that throughout my progression in each school, the level of one on one teacher interaction has gone down significantly, but that is due to the fact that we have way to many kids in each class. I'm a student that does significantly better in a small class situation, and with a large class, i find that being focused is challenging. Another thing is the amount of advanced courses that are being dropped from the budget. There have been 4 advanced science classes that I wanted to take, and each year, the one I want to take seems to be the one that is dropped from the budget. Personally I believe that they should use the money in their budget wisely so that the students actually have an opportunity to take advanced class.

- submitted by a student
no rating
December 11, 2009
We just moved here this year and our children go to this school. This school is horrible. No postitive feedback, only negative comments from staff. Special Ed students are not even given a chance. Do not send your kids to this school. We are selling our house and moving away from this school, out kids are not happy at all in this school, and neither are we. Horrible!!!

- submitted by a parent

May 23, 2009
School definitely tries too hard to get an 'All-American' feel to it. The school will always show off the 'rich white kids' in the yearbooks/school newspaper/radio shows while ignoring the abysmal test scores/dropout rates. Franklin Central is an illusion if you ask me. They constantly talk about how they are working to have the most sought after graduates by colleges/universities and the world of work. This phrase has been repeated ad nauseum throughout my stay at FC. Despite it's flaws, there are a few gems of teachers. Mr. Tony Schmoll, while incredibly underrated as a teacher, is the most intelligent and patient teachers I've ever had. The same can be said for Mr. Todd Kendrick, a teacher I had for AP U.S. History, who taught me how to write with less style and more analysis. Other than that I did not like this school that much.

- submitted by a student

February 10, 2009
i attented this school for 3 years and i currantly had to move (mhich was not my choice) i now go to a very small school FC is the best school ever i dont think its overcrowded cuz you have a chance to make a whole bunch of new friends...there is never a boring moment. FC rocks!!!!

- submitted by a student

December 07, 2008
I attended FC, and all of my children have graduated from FC. All in all, it's a typical high school. There are some good teachers and some poor teachers, good administrators and so on. For the kids - it's like anything else: You get out of it what you put into it! Some want to sit around and whine, while others are involved and active. If you are considering moving to FT, here is the low down: The property taxes are high (no business base), there are too many students at the HS (fast growth of old farmland). But it's a great community of involved parents that support the schools. If your kid complains a lot now - they won't like it anywhere. But if they want to get involved and make something of themselves - they'll find a place here.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
November 28, 2008
i am a student at FC. This school is a great school. There is a place for everyone to fit into. I agree the school is overcrowded but the new freshmen academy will make the crowd lighter. Go FC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- submitted by a student

September 26, 2008
I am a recent graduate of Franklin Central and I have to say this school was aboslutely wonderful. I attended two other high schools in the area and they couldn't compare to this one. Sure FC was a little bit crowded, but that's to be expected at a high school. The teachers there were great and Mr. Koers was the nicest principal I've ever had. The other students were all really nice, too. They're not all cliquey like some poeple think. Everyone was always happy to hang out with me. I'm now currently in college and I really miss going to FC. It's a wonderful high school.

- submitted by a student
no rating
September 24, 2008
i'm a freshmen currently attending franklin central and I would say that the school is overall a very good school. The big issue that i absolutely hate though would have to be how crowded the classes and hallways are. I have a study hall and about 10 students have to go to the library because there aren't enough seats. I think thats ridiculous. Not to mention there are at least 30 desks in the room. I think this school is way to overcrowded. Same with lunch. There are only 3 30minute lunch blocks for 2500+ students. By the time I get in the cafeteria and get in line and get my food and sit down, I only have like 5 minutes to eat because the lunch lines are overcrowded and it doesn't matter how early you get there.

- submitted by a student

August 14, 2008
i attend this school and personal i love it the eople are friendly and the teachers are awesome. i disagree with the person who said if ur not in a sport ur an outcasyt im not in any sport nor am i good at any and i dont feel like an ot cast at all

- submitted by a student

July 17, 2008
The school is very good. It needs a little bit of remodeling. everyone complains about the stadium about how much money they spent and that we had no materials but they are two different categories of money. Most of the teachers here are a huge help some with even more than school but they should make a few changes with the teachers.

- submitted by a student

May 07, 2008
I am a student currently at Franklin Central high school and I would not reccommend this school to any parent. This school is based on athletics and sthletics only. If you are not in a sport, you are an outcast and are a huge target. The people at this school are immature and only care about popularity. I am currently in a sport and still feel like this school has no respect for anyone so please dont send your child to this school.

- submitted by a student

January 30, 2008
My son is a freshman this year at FCHS and I'm [not] happy with this school at all. If your child is a football star or basketball star they will do just fine but if not forget it. I went to Warren Central 91' Grad and we had so many extracurricular activites and classes to take way back then i just can't believe after a large renovation to the school i still don't see what they did to improve the school. Class rooms and hallways are over crowded, don't get me started on the bus situtation that is totally screwed up. The high school kids ride the same bus as the middle school kids ..talk about over crowded and unsafe.

- submitted by a parent

October 08, 2006
Franklin Central is an OK school overall I guess. There are no facets of the school that stick out and make you go 'wow, thats run very well' or anything like that. There are very few teachers who seem to care about all of their students. Principal Koers gets lot of stuff from the school and parents but he runs the school as well as most could. Taxes are high, but that has little to do with the school itself. The extra curriculars are very well maintained. Academic wise..not so good for FC.

- submitted by a student

September 29, 2006
The school overall was excellent. The teachers are intelligent and go above and beyond what you would expect for a high school teacher. I always felt I could rely on them for academic issues (and even some on a more personal level). The building is very clean also. Extracurricular activities are good. They have many different clubs for students who are not atheletic, which is important. And I always felt very safe, even being one of the less popular kids.

- submitted by a student

November 29, 2005
Things are going good for FC. As a student I think this is a great school. The football team won Conference this year. The We the people team won District this year. The Principal was name Principal of the year, for 2005. There are good clubs for students to be an like the Literary Cafe club, and World Cultures club. There are alot more then 15 courses for students to chose from. There staff is good, and there teachers are great! This is a safe school. The taxes are high, but the school needed to be remodeled. The administrative office made a couple a bad choices, but ever then that its a great school.

- submitted by a student

September 04, 2005
At FC, it is absolutely terrible. Before I start with anything, I just want to say to parents that don't send your kid here. Kids drop out on a high rate and you don't need to be a genius to see why. The property tax is outrageously high and all of it is going to the football stadium. They value athletics more than anything. There are few that do excel here, but the rest, the faculty basically ignores. They are no extracurriculars or anything like that. The courses are horrible too (only 15) and with 1500+ students, there is a real population problem and the class sizes are crowded.

- submitted by a parent

June 03, 2005
As a former student at FC, I would say that the school rates extremely well. After being in college for a year, I was extremely surprised at how much more prepared I was compared to students of other schools. The football team is great, but the wrestling team could use some money too. Great new football stadium that was sorely needed. Great teachers and administrators.

- submitted by a student

February 21, 2005
Being a parent of a special needs student, I have to say that the support that the teachers (in her area) give my daughter is excellent. However, it makes me very irritated when I see 54% of my property tax going to the school system and they can build a mutimillion$ stadium but can't bring in the teachers or support they need for the special needs department. There are no extra cirricular activites that allows these students to interact with 'normal' students. There is Best Buddies which for the first time in 3 years has actually done something. When I asked if my student could help with a sports team or do something else, I was told there is nothing like that for her. Do you all do anything to recognize these kids? The school board needs to wake up and catch up ~ it is 2005.

- submitted by a parent

December 30, 2004
I am a student a FCHS right now. I think it is a great school. They have added on alot of new classrooms to accomodate the students, but they've also added on a new stadium. I am disapointed in the stadium. They used up all the money on the stadium and now we have no materials or tools in my Manufacturing class. But other than that I'd say the school is great and I recommend it to all parents.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
June 12, 2004
(Not a parent but rather a former student, graduated in 1999.) Maybe things have changed at FC since I left, but I was not impressed with the school, students or faculty at all in my tenure there. Having gone to college, I see where the school fell short in preparing me for college or in my career that I am chasing in the military. All matters aside, I would tell anyone to move their child(ren) to another and better school district until such time as Franklin Township builds another high school to accomidate the rapid expansion in population.

- submitted by a student

April 17, 2004
My dd is just finishing her senior year at FTHS. My opinion (in brief) is that there are some real concerns when it comes to the administration, but the actual teaching faculty has been (and is!) superb. Every teacher she's had has been competent, and the great majority have been superb, and at least three were absolutely amazing. She's been really motivated and encouraged by these outstanding instructors and I know she would not be receiving an Academic Honors diploma this Spring without their skilled support.

- submitted by a parent

October 06, 2003
FCHS continues to improve its Special Education department but is still lacking in many areas that other local school districts are excelling in. FCHS needs to work hard to improve the classes it offers for Special Ed students as well as extracurricular activities. As of this date, FCHS has mp extra activities for Special Ed/Special Needs students! The Special Ed staff is wonderful, however, I feel that they don't receive the support they need from the school administration and school board to run a great program as opposed to 'barely getting by.' The bare minimum should not be acceptable in a Township that is as large as Franklin! I would hope that FCHS would strive to be among the very top schools in all areas, exceeding other school districts in the programs that they offer Special Needs children.

- submitted by a parent

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Our vision is to have the most sought after graduates by colleges, universities and the world of work. We are well on our way. We have been recognized by the Washington Post for the past three years as one of their Most Challenging High School in preparing students for the rigors of college. We are on the US News and World Report's, Newsweek's and The Daily Beast's lists of Best High Schools in the United States and have just been named to the AP Honor Roll - one of only 527 schools in the US.

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