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Relocating to Indy -Which schools and area


lilgamom November 5, 2010

We are relocating to Indianapolis from Washington DC area and was looking for advice on neighborhoods. We would prefer to live close to the city in an older neighborhood and not in the suburbs. However, schools are the #1 priority. Any suggestions on neighborhoods and schools. Thanks

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armywiferr December 7, 2010

I would suggest the north side of Indy if you want an older neighborhood in the city. The Broad Ripple or Meridian Hills neighborhoods (about 5 to 8 miles directly north of the center of Indy - close to all the shopping and resturants, and major roads). Broad Ripple however is IPS schools, which I would not recommend. Only live there if you will be chosing private schools. Meridian Hills is in Washington Township School District. It has North Central High School, which is one of the best in the country. The middle and elementary schools have some to be desired however. Choose private through 8th grade, then send them to NCHS.
If you are to choose a close suburb, choose Zionsville on the NW side or Carmel on the N side (just north of Meridian Hills). Both cities have some of the best schools around.


kikimouse December 11, 2010

I agree with the other poster. We moved here 3 years ago from New York and faced the same dilemma. I wanted to live in Broad Ripple (which is an older, hipper neighborhood close to the city), but schools won out and we ended up in the suburbs. If I had a do-over, I would move to an area closer to the city (my preferences are Broad Ripple, Meridian-Kessler, Butler University area, the upper Northeast area or even Irvington). Some of those neighborhoods fall into the Washington Townships school district which has decent schools (although the elementary schools can be hit or miss). Other parts use IPS schools which are horribly underfunded and would not be my choice. There is a big network of Charter schools and Magnet schools in Indianapolis which are somewhat hard to get into and are lottery-based. But I would use that option if in an IPS area. My eldest is in a charter school now even though we live in a "reputable" school district; hence my regret at making the choice to move to a neighborhood 25 miles out of the city center. From what I can tell (for most part) the "downtown" area of Indianapolis is a little rough, so unless you're in one of a few select areas, you'll probably want to live 5 miles or more from the center of town. Of course, like anywhere, property values reflect the success of the neighborhood schools.


buckeye7 January 31, 2011

Center Grove offers the best schools, the parents are very hands on and involved with all aspects from fund raising to supporting their children by attending sporting events, Stay away from Perry Township believe me you will regret that decision I am homeschooling my 9 yr old because of bullying issues that the district kept telling me did not exist until my son's head was slammed into a bathroom wall, and they still insisted that my son remain in that school, I don't think so, in fact... I am moving home to Ohio.


Tova_Chaya February 10, 2011

We're moving from the DC area as well this summer - relocating for my husbands job (we're in Friendship Heights now on the MD side and in a great school district.) I'm just curious where you ended up - I don't know anything about Indianapolis. We're meeting with a realtor in 2 weeks but I know they are restricted by law from calling areas "good neighborhoods" or saying one area has better schools than others. Is there a resource that can tell me the best places to live with kids?


trobertson06 March 1, 2011

My family is also relocating to Indy this summer from the DC area and our priority is living in a good school district. We've been told that Lawrence and Washington Township were good areas since we didn't want to live further north than the Castleton or Keystone at the Crossing areas. I am interested in advice from others who live there as well. Thanks!


trobertson06 March 2, 2011

Also I believe if you live in another township but want your child to attend school in a different township that it can be done but you may have pay a fee. I think I read it on the Washington Township school district website.


fantauzzomac March 16, 2011

Hope you found a school. My family is relocating from Indpls to Washington DC in June, so I'm doing the reverse search for a home and school. I am looking in Cleveland Park, Woodley Park or Bethesda in the DC area - there are a couple schools in those areas that seem excellent and we'd like to avoid long commutes. Time with family is important. I've lived in Indpls for 40 years, and worked or lived on every side of town. In Indianapolis, I agree with the other replies below - near Northside is great. Meridian Kessler is home now and it's a great fit for our family. My child attends a private catholic school in the area, and is doing very well. It's a smaller school with a comfortable atmosphere. The school is Blue Ribbon and has high academic ratings and expectations. The community and teachers are friendly and helpful. I've been room mom several years, and the parents are engaged and interested - lots of volunteers for activities. The only down side is there is limited diversity within the school, but the school and church do engage diversity and do community projects. We also engage diversity elsewhere via friendships and working relationships. Meridian Kessler is only 15 minutes north of downtown Indpls - a very easy commute, with wonderful access. I steer clear of Castleton - it is a gridlock far too often - we enter that area only when necessary. My husband refuses to go to a movie or shop there - too much traffic. (FYI - My child is excited to live in DC for a year - but he had three simple requests the other night when we told him about our temporary move: could we find a home where his dog could run a little, could he play Xbox live with his school friends to keep in touch, and would he be able to go back to the same school when we return to Indianapolis. We adore my child's friends and their families - it's a wonderful community.)


firedancer6821 April 29, 2011

Just make sure that you look into the fine print when trying to go with a school your child is not slated for by your home address. I attempted the limited choice program in Washington Township, hoping to enroll in either Spring Mill or Allisonville (if you look at ISTEP scores, those two were the best options) and I for the most part was laughed at. There isn't any room for additional students. Also, several elementary schools have closed in Washington township. Just do your homework.

I swore that my kids would go to public like I did...however, we are now loving St Richards downtown, and our daughter is too.


writersplace December 14, 2011

Sorry if I'm a little late. The neighbor hood you are looking for is Irvington. It's in the city of Indianapolis- about five minutes from downtown. It has a lot of history and historic buildings. Our home was built in the 1930s and is still one of the later homes. They are still in great shape though!

Hoosier Academy is a wonderful Charter school that is right across from Lawence Centeral.


carmelite March 29, 2012

I'm quite sure you have already relocated, but for others, it sounds like you are looking for a Meridian Kessler type neighborhood. But, you must be prepared to pay for private school. If you are wanting diversity in the suburbs, the west side of Carmel has an interesting mix of people. My kids are in school there and we love it. There is a lot of turnover of students though, so if that matters to you.... My daughter's class has had kids come in from Japan and Argentina, just this year, so it's been fun for her to learn about their cultures.

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