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LieselT June 1, 2011

My husband is taking on a position in Franklin and we will be moving from South Africa. I would like to live somewhere between Indianapolis and Franklin. I have 3 kids of whom 1 is currently 3rd grade and the other in Kindergarten. Any advice on where to stay and which schools are best is welcome.

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atknaup1 July 3, 2011

I am a teacher in Franklin Township Schools which is on the southeast corner of Indianapolis. It's a quiet area on the edge of the city with great schools. I would recommend moving into an area where your children would attend South Creek Elementary School. Last year it was named a Four Star School which ranks it as one of the best in Indiana. The students there averaged 93% passing on both state tests which is considerably higher than any area public school and higher than or equal to the private schools (not to mention free!). While the state hasn't been kind to us in the way of funding, it clearly hasn't affected the quality of the education. Best of luck to you in your move!


nevoss August 12, 2011

We just moved to FT in December 2010 (we are a military family) and my daughter goes to South Creek and loves it. Just be sure ti differentiate between "Franklin" and "Franklin Township". Franklin is a town quite south of INdianapolis. Franklin Township is an area within the city of Indianapolis. We live in Franklin Township but our address is Indianapolis and we have Indy utilities, police, etc. My husband is stationed at Camp Atterbury and we thought our house was in Franklin (much closer to his work). As it is, we are pretty happy with where we are. The teachers are great in all of the schools we have been involved with in the short time we've been here.

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