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Relocating to Indy next summer


JessicaandBroc August 1, 2012

My husband and I, along with our 3 daughters ages 14, 11, and 9 will be relocating to Indy next summer. We would like to live on the South or Southwest side. We want to live in a safe neighborhood, with good public schools. Our daughters currently attend a small school, so I am worried about moving them to a very large school. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. We will be looking for a house to buy up to $150,000 to give you an idea of what area we can afford. Thanks!

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MagnetMom August 5, 2012

Hi JessicaandBroc,

Go ahead and contact a real estate professional. They're experts on not only houses, but the amenities that people want--parks, schools, shopping and more. They'll even be savvy of the commute times you'll be facing.

Spend some time here: to familiarize yourself with schools that interest you--from the school ratings to the parent reviews it will help you narrow down the neighborhoods.

Good luck.


Indymomma123 August 5, 2012

Try Perry and Decatur townships and franklin works too! Avoid Ips schools and if you end up moving into ips district. charter schools are an option. Look at for sale/rent houses. Beech Grove is good too! Avoid Southport and Madison ave north of county line rd. Reply if you need more info

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