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Where to settle down and raise family/send children to school around Des Moines


Ashes1591 November 12, 2010

I am just getting married soon and will be graduating from Medical school in the near future. My fiance and I are wanting to live around Des Moines, but in a smaller community. We are looking for some input from those people that have lived around here for a while as to where we should settle down. We have visited and like Pella and Winterset (we really enjoy Winterset being so close). I would like to send my children to a private school, and my fiance is thinking public. We both agree however that we want an education that is very academic and well rounded. We would however like the opportunity for our children to play sports, being art, music, whatever it is that they would like. We are looking for a school that is well known to have a fantastic enrollment with a wonderful family atmosphere as well. If it was up to my husband it would be anywhere that is good in sports (primarily football)...but I'd like many things on the table.

Please give feedback!

Thanks everyone

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MagnetMom March 8, 2012

Hi Ashes1591,

Did you decide where you'd move?

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