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Best School Districts in Wichita/Hesston Area Info.


coexist4peace June 27, 2011

Anyone please offer info on Wichita/ Hesston Kansas area schools for relocating to this area with a 7th grader and need language arts/math taught at different levels instead of just all one level for all in these courses.

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JustDucky October 14, 2011

We moved from Wichita to Hesston and found that, even though it is a lot smaller, the Hesston faculty and staff seem to do a lot better job of meeting the needs of the kids. I have one child who is really behind in language arts, but ahead in math, and they are able to accommodate the differences here. We are in the elementary school, but I haven't really heard anything negative about the upper schools. I assume it isn't perfect, but it is so much better than our experiences in USD 259 I can hardly believe it.

I have also heard good things about Moundridge, which is just a bit farther from Wichita. Newton is better than Wichita, but not as good as Hesston and Moundridge (from what I have heard).

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