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Is the school required to notify me if my child does not pass any subject in the state assessment?


mslack July 25, 2009

Is my child required to take any additional math (remedial) classes if they do not pass the math state assessment?

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Papertrail July 25, 2009

Did the student get good grades in math during the school year?

What are your state's graduation requirements?

Did you e-mail the principal with this question? You need to check with the principal first, then the local superintendent.

You might check your State Department of Education.
I would start on the state website first.


mslack July 27, 2009

Grades were okay. (B and C's) I found out from the Principal that my daughter was given the state assessment before she had taken geometry which is part of the content. Our school opts to give the test during sophmore year rather than the more common junior year. In her case, she began her freshman year with transitional math when many students begin with Algebra. She will be taking Geometry this year and only missed the accepted standard score in math by 3 points, so once she has taken geometry she will probably do okay.
They had no explanation for not notifying me and I think their early administration of the state assessments is not wise.


teachukid July 28, 2009

In California high school students are given 3 different assessments. Benchmark assessments are grade level specific and issued by the school district grades k-12. They are usually given each semester in the content areas. The State test is different. It is given only in the spring, one time a year and is also grade level specific. In California this test is commonly known as the STAR test. It is also taken in grades 2-11. The results are sent to the State to track annual progress. Parents and schools also receive the results. The last test that is specific to high schoolers is the CASHEE or the Exit Exam. It is given to all students beginning in their sophomore year and is taken multiple times until it is passed. This type of exit exam is common to other states, too. In California a student will not graduate unless they pass both portions (English and math). If one section is not passed, usually the high school will require the student to take a remedial prep class until the failed portion is passed starting in the junior year. As of today, in California, students with disabilities do not have to take the CASHEE in order to graduate.

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