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Lexington, KY

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166 Crestwood Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

(859) 277-4805
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November 23, 2014
The teacher to student ratio fits the Association Montessori Internationale standards. Adolescent guides are highly specialized in math, science, and humanities. The atmosphere is one of diversity, kindness, and academic progressiveness.

- submitted by a parent
November 22, 2014
This is an amazing school. Teachers and staff are amazing, my kids love it there. Wouldn't be anywhere else.

- submitted by a parent
November 09, 2014
Our one year there showed how little administrators cared about parents, teachers or kids in the middle school. A disservice to all that Maria Montessori stood for. Shame. Luckily, there is far better in lex now.

- submitted by a parent
November 04, 2014
My children have attended Community Montessori they were 3. My oldest daughter is in the 6th grade and scored above the 90th percentile on her standardized tests. My second daughter hasn't taken her standardized test yet, but I expect similar results. I believe in the power of a Montessori education and would encourage anyone interested to come to CMS and observe the classroom. I think you will find that the staff and teachers truely care and are passionate about providing a quality Montessori education.

- submitted by a parent
October 20, 2014
This is an excellent school with over thirty years of producing quality students that excel in the transition to both public and private high schools. They have an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, well trained AMI Certified staff, and the school sits on a marvelous 13 acre campus with an active stream, student maintained crops and chickens.

- submitted by a parent
September 15, 2014
Amazing Montessori school! My children have thrived here. I can't imagine them being anywhere else!

- submitted by a parent
July 27, 2014
CMS IS NOT UNDER ATTACK BY ANYONE OTHER THAN THEMSELVES!!! The board and only the board has let this circus go on far to long. By the way there are board members whose children or grandchildren have left this school. Do your homework!! Ask questions about how a experimental combined classroom of 50 4-6 graders with one teacher for 1 year of the 2 years failed miserably. Only the children lost in that one with standardized test dropping 30% or more. Was this AMI approved ? Ask how many teachers have left in the past 5-6 years Ask why the middle school collapsed and every teacher including the secretary left. Ask if it is AMI approved that 4-6 graders should be in the same school as middle schoolers. CMS has ONLY themselves to blame. Make the right choice for your child and go elsewhere.

- submitted by a parent
July 08, 2014
Do your research on all of the CMS staff members. Ask for enrollment numbers 2011 - present, including the number of middle school students enrolled for the 2014-2015 MMSK school year. What happened to all of the MMSK teachers? Why did they ALL leave? Grace and courtesy? They should look into practicing what they preach.

- submitted by a community member
June 24, 2014
There are just too many things wrong with this school to list them all here. If you decide to send your children here after seeing all of the warnings posted by families who have suffered, then unfortunately your children will suffer from your choice. Do not go to this school. If you want Montessori there are several other options in the central Kentucky area. For the price you pay in tuition for any of them, it is worth the drive. I wish I could give zero stars and get back the tens of thousands of dollars we have spent before realizing our grave mistake and witnessing the only good teachers leaving year after year. Only one teacher remains that taught at CMS two years ago.

- submitted by a parent
March 18, 2014
I have two children at Community Montessori. We have been very pleased with this school. When I was searching for a school for my children, I went to observe in a classroom for children ages 3 through 5. I was amazed to see the order in the classroom with such young children. Children are allowed to choose their work based on their interests. My oldest is now 7 and in the next level classroom, and we have continued to be impressed with her academic achievement and pursuits. It makes sense that having the freedom to study that which is of interest to the student makes a big difference in the depth of learning that occurs. This school is a part of the Association Montessori Internationale, which is quite rigorous, requiring review every three years. It is my understanding that it is the only school in the city with this distinction. I feel that my children have been nurtured at this school by a community that truly cares for them. I have no doubt that the love for school that my children have is because of this wonderful learning environment. If you are looking for a school for your children, observe a classroom here. I am willing to bet that you will look no further!

- submitted by a parent
March 14, 2014
Three family members are or have been through CMS and MMSK. My niece is excelling in the IB Program at TCHS - 30 on her ACT, varsity softball, a job, and a social life. My nephew will be at TCHS next year doing the Pre-IB program. My daughter is in the equivalent of 1st grade at CMS. What I have noticed: - The school is incredibly down to earth - no pretension. I was concerned about this as we considered private school. The parents that are drawn to the program are the same way. Everything at CMS is about the kids and their betterment. - Tuition is low b/c the administration constantly strives for Montessori education to be an option for as many kids as possible. MMSK charges the same no matter which Montessori school you come from b/c of a spirit of inclusion. - Being a recognized AMI school (only one in Lexington) is important to me. I feel that it is the "unadulterated" method which hasn't been adjusted for convenience. Its a difficult accomplishment to obtain and maintain and I admire its requirements. - Grace and courtesy is a way of life, not just a motto. I think integrity could be very easily added to this mantra. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

- submitted by a parent
February 22, 2014
I have had one or more of my three children enrolled at CMS almost continuously since 2000. My daughter is at a very exclusive arts academy now (senior year) and is excelling, thanks in large part to her amazing education at CMS (through sixth grade). The Lexington community is fortunate to have such a great Montessori school.

- submitted by a parent
February 05, 2014
We have been nothing but pleased with this school and its cultivation of our 4 year old daughter's manners, vocabulary, reading and math skills. This is her second year attending and it has been truly amazing to watch her grow into a kind and curious little person. We feel comfortable discussing concerns as well as praise with teachers and administration. We feel very lucky to have found such a perfect fit for our family.

- submitted by a parent
December 02, 2013
My daughter has been at this school for many years and has had a very positive experience. It is sad to me when adult behavior affects their children. I have always seen our school as a Community and there is nothing worse then showing our children such poor behavior. Our school is strong, our teachers are great, our kids are not only well educated but are good citizens. I am proud of our school and its teachers. Its sad when a teacher gets fired, but in the real world that happens every day, so its time to move on and support your Community.

- submitted by a parent
September 16, 2013
My children went to this school for 3 years. In the end we chose to leave CMS because we didn't feel that parent's concerns were taken seriously and the office staff appeared to be spreading rumors about their own teacher in a sad attempt to keep others from going to a new school that this teacher was starting. It was too much for our family. Our children no longer go to a Montessori school and we are sad that our Montessori experience was so negative. Many many families left CMS and left Montessori in general due to the staff's inability to handle the termination of an employee in a respectful and professional way. It shed light on how things were run there and we among many others wanted no part.

- submitted by a parent
September 13, 2013
Being at CMS for many years, I absolutely love it! My child has excelled greatly over the years here and is not only doing fantastic, but loves it as well! I couldn't be more pleased with the school and staff. A few months back, a teacher was fired from the school and it is unbelievable how much better the environment has become now that the teacher and all of those negative parents, who seem to think it's only about them and their opinions, are gone. Our family couldn't be happier at CMS!

- submitted by a parent
July 09, 2013
I was skeptical of private schools and costs but have come to really appreciate the learning environment and supportive community at CMS, as well as it's relative value to the kids. It's unfortunate that some of the latest low ratings take away from this excellent school. These rants are primarily about the unhappiness and associated defense of defecting instructors who were insubordinate, ineffective, and basically were encouraged or told to leave, then decided to set up their own school nearby. The unflagging resolve of the school community in the wake of this incident made me want to stay even more, and we will enroll another child this fall. My child loves the afterschool program and it's convenient for us that he is learning and being active in a safe, well-mannered and respectful community while we finish work. The fact is that most parents there are high to upper income earners that can be both a blessing and a curse depending on their attitudes. Some are uppity, overdemanding and critical of anything they don't agree with (see other comments), while others that work 80hrs week still humbly volunteer to mow the grass; the latter are thankfully the vast majority.

- submitted by a parent
April 18, 2013
This used to be a great school, but is has gone down-hill. Stressed out teachers, who are not trusted are leaving. Parents taking their kids elsewhere. Sad to watch.

- submitted by a community member
April 07, 2013
Reading some of these past reviews, I am a little confused on some of the negative things they are saying? We have had several of our children attend this school over the past few years and still have two there. All of our children have received an excellent education and we could not be happier! What an amazing environment for them to learn and play. As parents, we are encouraged to talk to the staff with any concerns we may have and to attend monthly board meetings which update us on how everything is doing. If any of my child's teachers have ever had concerns, those have been addressed with us and we were able to fix them immediately. What an amazing and beautiful environment for our children to learn, play, and grow into the wonderful citizens they are today. We could not be happier with this school and all the wonderful staff. We cannot thank them enough for all they do and have done for us.

- submitted by a parent
April 02, 2013
Parent concerns are not taken seriously by the administration or the board. Children are sent home with injuries that staff did not notice. Information about the new director was withheld from parents.

- submitted by a parent
April 02, 2013
I too have seen academic standards decline. They have replaced 4 assistants this year, are replacing three of the seven head teachers for next year and have lost nearly 30 students this academic year. The administration and board make light of serious concerns put forth parents. Many board members no longer have children in the school yet are making decisions that affect the current student body. Parents are not encouraged to participate in the school except for their fundraising and volunteer obligations. Teacher-initiated communication is nearly non-existent. Parents who bring up issues are made to feel like their child is the only one experiencing the problems. The 55-student upper elementary class is problem even if the administration maintains it is working well. I was made to believe my child was the only child struggling, only to later find out many of the children in the class are having issues with the teacher and class size. In my child's class there were no clear goals, accountability or follow through. Do your research, compare enrollment between fall 2012 and 2013, google the current director and her previous school, ask about school finances.

- submitted by a parent
April 02, 2013
I am an alumni of CMS and have very fond memories of my time at CMS. However, the school today is not what it was when I attended. It is now about money and very little about children's education. Look at the data and you will find that three excellent teachers will no longer be at CMS next year. While the adminstration is more concerned about lining their pockets with six figure incomes, the school's quality has declined dramatically. Just this school year, around 20 parents have removed their children from CMS due to concerns about learning environment, quality of education, faculty burn out, health violations and administation. This is not the school I attended and I would not recommend it to anyone.

- submitted by a parent
March 15, 2013
We have sent our children to CMS for the past 8 years. What was once an AMI-accredited Montessori School, has devolved into a school with administrators who are secretive, inconsistent, and not at all in line with basic Montessori principles. If you are considering CMS, do your research first.

- submitted by a teacher
February 23, 2013
I had all my three children at CMS over the past 2 and half years. At first I was excited about the possibilities they presented. I liked the idea of the community environment. However, I was disappointed over time to see that it was somewhat of a facade. Academically, at the end of two years, the older children especially, had deep gaps in their foundational knowledge and tested similar to where they were when we entered the program. I had one child in lower elementary, one child in upper elementary, and one child in their middle school (MMSK). Over time we experienced low academic standards and minimal parent communication outside of fundraising and volunteer work. My observation was that quality went down as the grades went up. Our experience was best with our youngest child.

- submitted by a parent
October 05, 2012
For mychild in the 4-6th grade class, CMS provided a supportive atmosphere, plenty of physical and outdoor time, and an individually driven curriculum.

- submitted by a parent
no rating October 03, 2009
When you walk through the door of CMS, the air is filled with the sound of busy, working learning children. The staff is amazing. They always make time to answer questions from parents and kids alike. Ms. Ashby, who runs the school, is surely a miracle among educators. She knows every child in that school and sits out front to welcome each and every child every morning, rain or shine. My son once commented,'Poor Ms. Ashby, her job makes her sit outside even when it is cold and wet.' When I told him her job does not demand that she do that, she just chooses to do so, he said,'I should have guessed because we all know how much she loves all the children.' He was right. We all do!

- submitted by a parent
January 23, 2006
My three children attend this school and I have been thrilled since the day I transfered by then 3rd grader here in 2003. My 11 year old is in the 4,5 and 6th grade class. My 8 year old is in the 1,2 and 3rd grade class and my three year old is in the 3, 4, and 5 year old class. Each has an excellent teacher. The older two have enjoyed the extracurricular activities as well. Both did band for a year and now one is doing African drums and the other a book club. We also are very blessed at this school to have a great 'community' of parents who care about the school and where their kids go. So I have made many of my own friends here among the other mothers and dads and we support each other all the way in raising our children.

- submitted by a parent
September 09, 2003
I went here and now my child goes there I love this school. I have made life long friends and I hope my child does the same. Parent involment is so inportant they do not leve you out of the loop like some other schools do.

- submitted by a parent

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Community Montessori School
166 Crestwood Drive, Lexington, KY  40503
(859) 277-4805
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