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What to do when my child says she hates school


Anonymous December 2, 2008

I have tried so many things she tells me that she is board at school abd the kids are making fun of her Well my child is very smart and gets her work done early and has nothing to do i have asked her teacher to give her more work but has not i dont know what to do any suggections will help

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1seremen December 2, 2008

Welcome again to GS community. How old is your child. A college or AP course maybe good for a high or middle schooler. For elementary student, she needs enrichment program or skip a grade.

Meet with the teacher and make a plan on how you child can be challenged or you can give her work from home. My daughter is doing three pages of materials from home three days a week and it is helping her stays focus and less time to listen to other kids.

I hope this helps!


dolphin91 December 3, 2008

My daughter is 5 only in kindergteen thanks for the tips


healthy11 December 3, 2008

For older kids, I recommend having the teacher read Susan Winebrenner's book "Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom," but it probably won't help a kindergarten teacher.... You might want to join Greatschools Gifted Group at


SoCalGal December 3, 2008

From my point of view, when it gets to the point that a young child declares that she hates school and she's being teased, it's time to sit down and have a dialog with the principal.

The purpose of this meeting is not to complain, rather it is to ask for help. As I understand it, the primary objective of kindergarten is to prepare children for school and their attitude is one of the most important aspects of this readiness.

You're not wrong to be concerned, I would be. My expectation for my own daughter at this age was to have her come home from school each and every day bubbling over with tales of the fun she'd had that day. And for the most part, that's what happened.


dolphin91 December 3, 2008

My daughter was in the 3yr old program and head start and she loved it but not this year '


SoCalGal December 5, 2008

Dolphin91: are you the original poster? If so, again I would be concerned that your loved her pre-school experiences and now unhappy in kindergarten. I can only urge you to bring this to the attention of the principal and request assistance.


dolphin91 December 5, 2008

thanks for your help


ashleyy December 15, 2008

Every kid says they hate school, its part of being a child. so just tell your child to grow up. seriously!!!!


maggie93215 December 15, 2008

Maybe your daughter needs to be involved in other activites, what type of things is she interested in? what grade is she in? My son last year said he didn't like school either but I came to find out he didn't like the teacher. He said he felt like she was picking on him, My husband had a talk with her and after that my kid said he felt better about being in her class. Maybe the teacher is allowing bad behavior in class or letting the kids tease and make fun of your daughte. Maybe you could see if your daughter could change classes if she would feel more comfortable with another teacher. You have to try all sorts of different things to keep her self esteem up!


skatingmom December 22, 2008

You can request that he school test your child for the gifted program. All you have to do is write a letter to the school the principal's attention requesting the testing. Just say in your letter that your child is excelling in school and appears to be ahead of her classmates and you would like to have her evaluated for the gifted program. If she qualifies she will then receive a GIEP (Gifted Individual Education Plan) that would provide her more challenging work. Please keep a copy of your letter that you send and certify the one to the district. School districts have 60 calendar days to test children and hold the meeting with the parents. Good Luck!!!

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