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What to do when my child says she hates school


Anonymous December 2, 2008

I have tried so many things she tells me that she is board at school abd the kids are making fun of her Well my child is very smart and gets her work done early and has nothing to do i have asked her teacher to give her more work but has not i dont know what to do any suggections will help

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skatingmom January 6, 2009

Unfortunately she is not and honor student and we did change schools. This elementary school is very academically based and pushes very hard, sometimes I think too hard. My daughter has 3-4 hours a night of homework after being in school for 6.5 hours a day.


tobbyandlui January 6, 2009

Have you talk to your daughter about why she hates the school? What things are really bothering her? It seems that she is in a good school, when my teenager was in elementary school, she was academically challenged, she had lots of homeworks, researches and sometimes she even has to stayed late at night to finished her homeworks even though, she started doing her homeworks after she came from school. Check if your daughter have friends at school.You should volunteer to help in someway in her classroom to see how her day goes on during school time.


skatingmom January 6, 2009

She has no friends in school she is teased due to be the African American in a 98% white school. When I ask her what is bothering her the most about school I just get the whole thing. This has been going on for 3 years. I thought once we moved out of the city type schools that thing would improve but they did not. When I went into observed the class I noticed that my daughter sticks out in the classroom. What I mean is when the kids went into groups my daughter stood up last and surveyed the 4 groups and quietly walked to a group in the hopes she would be allow to be on the team. She quietly took her spot at the end. When she is in her sporting activities she is usually first at Karate and likes to be first out on the ice. She does not stick out on the ice or at Karate she blends nicely and she is the only African American ice skater on the team and the only African American karate kid on the team. She feels comfortable and accepted. I don not feel that she feels accepted at school.

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