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jmezarina October 15, 2009

Im new in this, my son just start PK but i dont like the school he is going , actually because of my address that is not the school he was suposed to go. There is one that i really like and it is my same zip code. What should i do??, i called the jefferson county public school and they told me that they will give me a list of possible school in january , should i wait until january or can i do something before. thanks

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BobHibb May 31, 2012

We are also in the same spot with our children who will be going into 1st and 2nd grade next year. We have applied for transfer 9 times now and have been denied every single time, we have went to the board and even the super and have not gotten any where with them. Unfortunately we are seeing that the only possible options will be to take them to a privet school, Home school, or being a law suite against JCPS. This school district stacks the kids deep and teaches them cheap and the ones that lose are the kids. We have spent the last 2 years now fighting with them over educational neglect and staff bullying, among other things. With their latest turn of waving out of the NCLB laws it is only bond to become worse. I do know that there is a case in the state supreme court over the school assignment plan but it is being drug out.


kanchansharma February 13, 2012

this is the biggest problem i'm facing right now .my elder daughter(grade 2) is going to a school which is 15miles away from my home.i applied for her transfer to some near by school which is in my zip address but my application was denied.the problem which is coming on my way is that my little one will go to KG this academic year(2012-2013)and by default she will be assign the same school as her sister .i dont want her to travel that much distance unnecessary .moreover the schools which r in my vicinity have much higher rating than the one in which my elder one is going.
we came to louisville in october 2011and at that time we were assigned that school and they said u can change it later in and now they have denied.i.m in afix i don't want my little one to go in that school.......please help me and reply how to proceed further!!


Maria001 May 19, 2011

we are in the same situation. we are moving in the middle of June, our daughter will turn 5 years on June 1st. we will live in 40202 and there are 2 public elementary schools within 2 miles that have excellent ratings but when i contacted them they said she would be attending a different school in the area. this one has low ratings/scores. i don't know if it is too late for this year, to enroll her in a private school for kindergarten and change for 1st grade... if you have had any luck getting more information about how to change schools, please reply! good luck to you!

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