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How do public and private schools compare in Metairie?


kkornas August 14, 2008

How do public and private schools compare in Metairie?

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techchris January 14, 2010

I have sent my daughter to both. A catholic school for both Pre-K and Kindergarten, and public school for 1st grade. Now my experience is not typical because my daughter is in a French language immersion program in the public school she attends.
There are few private schools in the area, most are Catholic schools and then there are a few like Isidore Newman and St. Martin's Episcopal. The catholic schools seems to be designed to teach the students in the middle. The special ed students and those that need advanced learning (my daughter falls into the latter group) seem better served by the public schools. The catholic schools also have more technology in the classroom for students except for a few special case magnet schools that have 1:1 laptop programs.
I would say that if your child is average the catholic schools are worth the investment. If your child's ability lies at either end of the educational spectrum you may want to consider the public schools.

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