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Should I relocate to Slidell,La


jordan25 May 7, 2010

I currently have my daughter in a catholic school in Metairie.(1st grade)am considering relocating to Slidell and would reside in the Northshore High school district.Is it reason enough to move an hour away to have a chance at a great public school education or should I stay in Metairie?If anyone lives in or has lived in Slidell I would greatly appreciate your answering my question.

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tarenay12 September 29, 2010

Hi well I've lived in Metairie/Kenner most of my life until my parents divorced. When they did we moved to Slidell and although they have great schools there is nothing to do if you live there!!!!! When we moved we found ourselves driving to Metarie almost every weekend. They have a mall there but it does not compare to Lakeside or Esplanade, it is very country and you litterly have to driveeee to get to somewhere. When my younger sister finally graduated high school my mother eventually moved back to Kenner and she does not miss Slidell at all. On a positive note St Tammany parish schools are really good and Slidell does have nice houses other than that there really is nothing else in Slidell.

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