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Obtaining school permit for Jefferson Parish


Toriisaurus March 29, 2011

I used to live on the Westbank and attended L.W. Higgins High, but I live in New Orleans, LA now; I wish to return to school on the Westbank. I've only, so far, gone to New Orleans Parish Public Schools & I'm very unhappy with the diversity here. Racially, I am one out of three white kids in my highschool. That's not so bad, but the big problem is I'm not of the same culture as any of the other students. Not to mention that any conversation I could have with someone is easily forgotten, I often get the feeling of being unwelcome. My first expierience with the NOPPS was very unnerving, each day I entered school to disgusting comments & this year I encountered pure silence, minus whatever snickering that comes my way from fellow students. My Madre entered me into school here believing we'd get a better education, all I've gotten is alot of grief. Please help & thank you.

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Krazymom June 26, 2011

Where does your mom work? Maybe she can use her work address to get you in another school? Would your mom be willing to bring you to school everyday if you were to get a permit?

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