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Emergency-Transferring a child mid-year from NY to NO


Katherina3 December 18, 2011

Let me preface this by saying- I hate to uproot a child in the middle of the school year but I have no choice.
Must transfer my 11 year old godson/ 5th grader from a blue ribbon Brooklyn, NY school to New Orleans first of the new year. Zip code is 70119.
What are my options? Is getting him in a good school possibly by January 2nd, 2012? Where do I start? I have transferred here for work and do not know much about the schools or the area. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

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MagnetMom December 27, 2011


You probably have another week or so of break to finalize where you're going to send your child. Start here:

Narrow down the schools you prefer, and start calling on January 3rd, since January 2nd is a legal holiday wherever you go. Once you find the schools you want to visit, it might take a day or two to see them all, but it should not be a problem. Also check your HR department at work, and see if they can have you talk to fellow employees on where they send their students to work.

You will need to bring a birth certificate, his immunization record, and proof of residence--like a utility bill or a rental agreement. Good luck with your move.


LWoods3 January 3, 2012

I am in that zip code as well and I am trying to get my son out here for school. Look into,, audobon charter school, and hynes charter school and see what their policies are for transferring. If he does not get into the good schools such as these, he may be forced to go to the Recovery School District schools wihch have been taken over by the school board because they perform so low. My next option would be too look into schools in the Metairie area where the schools are much better. Good luck

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