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transferring my kids from dallas,tx to n.o


jodie4me September 20, 2012

i am looking around for some school for my kids and most likely charter schools and i was wondering what do i need to bring with me so i can register them for school in new orleans and what months i need to start doing my transfer or paper work? i am moving at the end of january.

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jewinzy October 4, 2012

sounds like we are in the same boat. We are also looking to transfer around Jan. I made a few calls and the pickens are very slim. Lusher, Hyanes and Baby Ben which have great reputations are full with no possibility of mid semester admissions. They will be acception application Oct 8th. I was told try private school. Good luck to you and your family.


0108kburt October 11, 2012

Yes I suggest you look for a school before you arrvie her in nola. There are many to choose from and it depends how high of scores your kids have on tests and bring any documentation you have beyond report cards to include involvement in sports and more. How old are your kids? It is possible to get them into a public school but you need to visit them adn check them out. Private and religious schools can be pricey and you do not have control of change in those environments so choose wisely. I have lived here for 11 years and I love this city!


anna3508 October 25, 2012

I'm in similar boat... I checked Audubon Charter's website and found information on their admission page which lead me to other charter schools (and the information needed to apply).

good luck! hope it works out for you


NOLAmom October 31, 2012

New Orleans's schools can be broken in four parts: horrible public schools, great public schools (2 or 3 -so you can imagine how difficult it would be to get a child registered during the regular cycle so mid-school year entry is unheard of) , parochial schools (tuition between $5 and $8K), and private schools (tuition around $12 to $20K). You need to post the ages of your children and in which part of the city you intend to reside to get any decent advice. Bottom line: you'll have to pay tuition to enroll your child(ren) in a decent school mid-year. You can look into applying for the few good public schools for the following academic year.
Oh, as far as what you'll depends on the school but a birth certificate, any national standardized test reports, and a baptismal certificate (if you're Catholic and considering parochial schools) is a good start.

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