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Applying for scholarships & financial assistance


Kevalyn35 September 25, 2012

My daughter's current school only goes thru 7th grade, so we are looking for schools for next year. I'm looking into some charter and some of the catholic schools. The catholic schools are almost double what we currently pay in tuition. What steps should I take to apply for scholarships & financial assistance. Are there any known grants we could apply for?

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MagnetMom October 2, 2012

Hi kevalyn35,

Thankfully the charter options are public schools and won't charge tuition.

When it comes to private school scholarships, there are a few ways to handle it. The school will provide some scholarship aid if you qualify. Secondly, some parents will get a job at the school and then will pay lower tuition.

Finally, Louisiana does have a program you should look at here:

Good luck.

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