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sunangel December 27, 2011

Greetings all, we are considering moving to Portland in the spring, we have three children and we live in a small town, one high school, one middle school and one elementary school. Two things that are of major importance to us are issues with bullying and how the school system in general deals with this issue or if it is even a problem, the second is, what is the overall sense of cultural diversity throughout the community. I made contact with someone at Portland high, and he was very positive about these issues where it concerned that school, but pointed out that he could not speak to how other schools dealt with these issues, tolerance of diversity is something that as a family we need.
Something that is sorely lacking here. Port Townsend is a beautiful place and there are a lot of good people here, but tolerance for diversity overall, not so much. Any input on theses issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Dusty Massie

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MagnetMom December 27, 2011

Hi sunangel,

Go ahead and contact the other schools you are interested in. School officials are often working in "silos" meaning they don't get out and see other schools in action. In addition, it would not be good business practice to speak ill of other schools.

If you haven't already, visit

and narrow down your search. Look at the parent reviews and you will be able to glean what the social climate is. By visiting the school, asking to speak to actual parents, and even attending a PTO meeting, you will be able to know if each school is a good fit for your children.

Good luck!

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