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Has anyone tried Attengo?


boohoo71 August 23, 2009

I found an online program that is supposed to help with ADHD.If anyone has tried it or heard anything about it I would appreciate your input My daughter is having a very difficult time in school and her self esteem has plummeted. We are moving to Scarborough Me and starting a new school. I don't know where to go or what to do to help her. Medication has been used but she turns very aggressive or she gets extremely depressed. What do parents do when meds aren't an option?

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healthy11 August 24, 2009

HI. I have a child with ADHD, but I'm not familiar with Attengo. How old is your daughter/what grade? I'm concerned when you say that your daughter turns very aggressive or gets depressed on medication. Has pediatric bipolar been considered? You can read more at
Have you been in contact with a pediatric psychiatrist, or has a pediatrician been trying to manage her medications? It certainly seems like she should be seeing a specialist.
There are some people who feel that alternative approaches, such as herbal and vitamin regimines, as well as different therapies, have helped their children. The best site I know of, for discussions of both conventional and alternative ways of handling ADHD/LDs/etc is and several of us members here at Greatschools also participate in that forum. Please join us.


boohoo71 August 28, 2009

She is in 3rd grade and finally found a combination of meds and Omega 3s that seem to be helping. I found a less expensive cognitive training program online and we are trying it for a while. I will look at the forum. Thanks,


361Mrs September 16, 2009

My friend's daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. I take my kids to martial arts classes. Her daughter was doing so much better. Especially at school. That extra energy or emotions that may been built up for whatever reason needed an outlet. I even would take her bike riding with my kids. I'm just saying, you got to try other alternatives before medications! It's hard work but sometimes you just got to do it for kids! I like bike riding though!


bree77 August 7, 2012

Hi - I am also looking into Attengo for my son. I know that you posted on this a few years ago - just wondering if you went down the path of Attengo or if the other cognitive training program helped at all. I am hoping that Attengo will do everything that it suggests but hubby is a little sceptical.


BewareAttengo October 31, 2012

To bree77, I wish I was as smart as your hubby. I wasted both money and time doing twenty levels of AttenGo, but my poor child did not improve when she went back to school. AttenGo claims that you will get "Real Relief in 3 Months or Less, Guaranteed!" but when I asked for a refund, I did not get any for all the months I paid.

Don't pay for any commercial brain training products when evidence-based n-back training is available for free. My child is now trying dual n-back from Brain Workshop for free.

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