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Public charter
Baltimore, MD
Students enrolled: 621

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1726 Whitehead Rd
Baltimore, MD 21207

(410) 877-3338
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December 10, 2013
Please visit other schools instead of sending your child here. This school is not there to teach and help your child. Instead the teachers '5th' grade teachers take pride in FAILING your child. If your child is failing parents are not notified nor is extra credit given. They do not offer after school or recess coach classes. Please reconsider before sending your child to Imagine Discovery on Whitehead Road or there 5th grade. not offer after school or recess coach classes. Please reconsider before sending your child to Imagine Discovery on Whitehead Road or there 5th grade.

- submitted by a parent

September 02, 2013
This is my children's first year at Imagine Discovery, my friend's son attended last year. I had heard both positive and negative feedback about the school, but just like life everything has positives and negatives. The first day of school went well, but the dismissal process was chaotic. However, by the 3rd day of school, dismissal ran smoother and the time it took to receive my children was reduced by half. Although, I didn't like how long the dismissal process took, I greatly appreciated the work of the staff and receiving my children hand delivered to me safely at my car. I am expecting great things this year, and looking forward to being involved. I researched the test scores in particular for 3rd and 4th grade and the test scores were within a 4% margin of the 3rd and 4th grade test scores from the school with the highest scores of the elementary schools in the area. I rate the school with 3 stars for a good start, I am hopeful that the stars will increase by the end of the year. Imagine Discovery has great potential. Parents, Staff children lets work together!

- submitted by a parent

September 01, 2013
Imagine Discovery has a new Principal, a new Assistant Principal, and a returning Vice Principal. Imagine Discovery seems to be starting on the right foot. The 1st day was hectic, but what 1st day isn't? I am looking forward to the new leadership at Imagine. This year Imagine had "sneak -a-peak", going to your childs classroom and meeting their teachers. Imagine Discovery did a gradual entry for the kindergarten students. Imagine gets a kudos for that, teacher met with students one on one , also met with parents and created a welcoming environment. Imagine Discovery is a Chartered School parents have to be involved. We can't expect the Principal's and the Teachers to do alone, we have to volunteer and invest in our Scholars!!

- submitted by a parent

February 08, 2012
My child has attended Imagine Discovery since kindergarten, and I have been satisfied with the experience here, thus far. There have been "bumps" along the way, of course. Imagine Discovery was designed to evolve into a K-8 model, with a grade added each year through the 8th grade, thus the middle school. There was never a promise, that I can recall, that the school would not go beyond the 5th grade. If you can find the one perfect school, please post it on "Great Schools," I am sure everyone would love to know. The whole premise behind a charter school is parental involvement. If you see a need in the school, then lend your time and talents to assist and bring about a positive change. Parents cannot rely solely on the school to do everything. If you are unhappy with the status of the school, there is always the option to help make it better or go elsewhere. The Principal takes the time to listen, and he is trying to do what he can to help the school continue to improve. I have encountered some wonderful and creative teachers at Imagine who care about the children and do the best they can to instruct them. Remember, "Rome was not built in a day."

- submitted by a parent

February 02, 2012
My child had attended Imagine Discovery since the doors opened and I am disappointed by the performance overall. The promise to keep classes small is not happening, and to not go beyond the 5th grade. I am not aware of an after school tutoring program. Having Edline is a joke, it's not up to date and the assignments need to be posted so that we the parents can see what's going on to be able to help at home more. I feel that it would make homework easier for both the parent to review the classwork and maybe even print it out to have at home. The best thing is that the school has a new Principal.

- submitted by a parent

January 30, 2012
Unsatisfactory! I'm a parent of a child that has attended since the school opened. My child will definitely not be attending next year. I am currently registering my child in a private school. I would not recommend this school to anyone looking for a better school for their child(ren). I made the mistake of taking my child from a good public school to what I thought would be a superior education at a charter school. I honestly felt like this school would serve as a private school experience for a public school price. I'm an active parent. I volunteer. I'm in the PTA. I attend meetings and offer suggestions. However it seems useless when the issues that existed since its opening havn't been corrected (even with a new principal). The problem is the administration. The front office needs to trim the fat of all the unproductive figure heads(secretary, volunteer coordinator and assistant secretaries). The teachers are working hard to make the school stand but the administration is absolutely no help. This school needs a major overhaul to improve. Their only focus is on the numbers to provide funding. Nothing more, nothing less. The teachers and students are caught in the crossfire.

- submitted by a parent

July 13, 2011
I am a teacher at ID. I have been here since the opening and have hoped things will get better each year. In some ways things have gotten better. I do know our teachers are outstanding and we work very hard, even tutoring after school to help our struggling students. Our admin are not the greatest but we are getting a new principal this coming year. We are beginning a school wide behavior plan this year. I am hopeful that we are going to become better than we have ever imagined. I hope our parents will work with us and help create a wonderful environment for our kids.

- submitted by a teacher

July 12, 2011
I am a very involved parent and must say that I was happy when my daughter was selected to attend this school during her 4th grade year. I really liked the Core Knowledge Curriculum. We had good experiences with her teachers and they were very willing to assist in any way possible. My issues were with the administration. i.e.: Lack of communication with parents; benchmark testing students without notifying parents; requirement to make appointments to speak with the principal; not being able to get into the building during before care; the principal not being open to suggestions; the inability to purchase another building for the middle school and many other issues. Needless to say, I was tired of the battles and my child did not attend this school during her 5th grade year. We had a wonderful 2010-2011 school year. I was glad to hear that this school has a new administrator because there was a need for a change.

- submitted by a parent

June 03, 2011
My child was one of the first students to attend the school. Academically the school is outstanding, all of my child's teachers have been highly qualified, trained, and certified. As with ANY school there are going to be issues,. The demographic of the area is not very diverse, which is a shame, children learn so much from each other as well as the teachers. It is the responsibility of a school to teach the whole child, and to expand on the good beginning that the children's PARENTS began at home. It is not the schools responsibility to be a parent to the students. If you want acedemics that are far above the traditional public school, come to Imagine. As the school grows, hopefully the small issues will be worked out. If you are complaining about the school, join the PTA or HSA and make a difference, don't just sit there and whine about it. Parents and schools are a partnership, not a babysitting service.

- submitted by a parent

April 12, 2011
I must say it's unfortunate that the majority of the reviews are negative, but true. Tearchers yell at the children in their faces, they don't have experience with multi-cultural backgrounds. There is not enough room for children to expell their energy, many get detention but they run in the small playground. The prinipal is nice, but doesn't discipline her staff when they are out of order. I never had a problem with the administrative, but I've heard plenty of complaints. My child has been in Imagine since it opened and will not be returning for 6th grd. Imagine needs a stronger principle that will not take foolishness from the student's as well as the staff (teachers and administration). The responsibility can not fall solely on Imagine we as parents must do our part. Overall from a scale from 1 - 10 I give Imagine a 4 1/2.

- submitted by a parent

October 07, 2010
I have been so unhappy w/this school. The school closes,we never get a phone call. They say we will get an automatic call-nope. There was a problem w/my son not going to the after school program I left two messages no one ever returned my call. My son is not challenged he is in 1st grade & is doing work that he did in Kindergarten.I.E. counting to 100. This is his first year my husband does not want to switch schools so we will see, but if the kinks do not get ironed out my son will not be there next year. I am involoved in my sons education which is what was advised however the admin. is disorgaized. Every event starts late, the website is not updated. We spent over $125 on school supply just to get a new list the first day that was half the items.

- submitted by a parent

September 20, 2010
When a family member was told she was chosen to attend this school, I prematurely thanked my lucky stars. Her first year attended was good. I noticed some problems that I thought might be ironed out after some adjusting and experience. There seemed to be a sargeant-style of addressing children there , alot of screaming into their faces, especially outside the classroom. There was a "do as I say, not as I do" mentality. It scared me, I can only sympathize with the children. Other problems such as humiliating children that are "misbehaving" by sending them to other classrooms in the middle of their confusion to be basically belittled by other students. These things were so hard to overlook, and I was there quite often to observe. After 2 yrs, we withdrew from Imagine and are attending the public school down the street and couldn't be happier. Do your research!

- submitted by a community member

June 25, 2010
My child was at this school for only one year before I pulled him out. The school just wasn t challenging for him and the children with special needs are not properly placed either. People are complaining because the school made promises that they have yet to keep. Some people pulled their children out of good schools to attend this school because they were made to believe the Imagine would be better. As a teacher you should not want a thanks. It is your job! A thankless job indeed but you signed up for it! Your thanks should be your students succeeding. No one thanks me when I go to work. I volunteered at the school almost everyday and only one teacher thanked me. It wasn t even her class that I helped in. I won t say that the teachers don t care or have lack of experience because my child had great teachers at Imagine. However, there are problems that need to be addressed to make this school a Great School. To name a few, the school could use better leadership, a better disciplinary program, more programs for GT & special needs children and more room for the kids to move around during recess.

- submitted by a parent

June 25, 2010
I make sure to say thank you to each and every parents who comes in to help me, however little that may be. As a teacher, you don't expect much thanks(and you definitely don't ask for it), but then to come across such a harsh group of critics is very disheartening. It is an awful feeling when you are working very hard to make a great learning environment for children, only to be lumped into a category that deems you incompetent. I am truly sorry to those of you who feel that Imagine let you down, but the teachers at Imagine work so hard to give the kids a quality education. I cannot speak for the administrative staff unfortunately. The only thing I can say is that if you want a change, you need to make it happen! Sitting around complaining about it is not accomplishing anything.

- submitted by a teacher

June 19, 2010
My daughter has been in this school for 2 years. I am soooo fed up with this school, my daughter WILL NOT be going back. They are concerned with test scores, not the students. The administrative staff is very rude and unorganized. The children are not allowed to run on the playground, which is for the best because its so small there is an injury everyday (my child busted her tooth out on another childs head) but it isnt fair for the students, they are also not allowed to talk while eating lunch. Never any soap or toilet paper in the bathrooms!! The staff is very unexperienced, they basically got the job because the school was so rushed. OH...DID ANY OF THE PARENTS KNOW THEY MADE A YEARBOOK THIS YEAR??? WELL I FOUND OUT BY ACCIDENT AND THE PRINCIPAL TOLD ME IT WAS ONLY FOR THE 5TH GRADERS!!!! I AM FURIOUS!!

- submitted by a parent

June 18, 2010
my concern is where are the 6th grade students going to FIT. Students should not have to be CRAMPED up in a class because the school didnt take the time to buy another building. THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND FOR OUR CHILDREN...

- submitted by a parent

June 17, 2010
This school houses many GT students, my two children are examples but these student are not being challenge on any level. The school does not participate in outside academic programs, grants, or scholarship funds for any of their students. Yet during orientation were told that academic program at this school would be rigorous. I agree with the other reviews, we were lied to. They promised that by time the first set of children reached the 6th grade they would be housed in another building. Not true. They keep telling us that they are working on the issue. Meanwhile, all incoming students will be cramped into this small and already overcrowded building. This school has great potential but it needs a serious house cleaning. It needs a strong leadership, someone that actually has the children best interest at heart. Children are what s important here!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
April 14, 2010
This school is very unorganized. There isn't much room to grow, yet they are adding new grades each year. Three children in my daughter's class transfered out of the school before the midway point of the year. I wanted to remove my daughter as well but I decided to finish out the year. I have to say that I really like my daughter's teacher though. I am not sure if my daughter will return next year...her zone school is a pretty good one.

- submitted by a parent

January 31, 2010
This school has had a great affect on my children. I have 3 children attending IDPCS and they have grown tremendously especially my 3rd grader who was struglling in both Math and Reading but is now above average in both classes. The principal is very friendly and listens to our concerns. However, I would like to see more GT and advance classes implemented.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
January 19, 2010
I am disappointed in this school. During orientation I was led to believe so much false advertisement. They indicated kids are tested and placed appropriately :LIES. I have felt so guilty in the decision that I made taking my child out of her prior school to place her in this disorganized institution. What a true dissapointment.

- submitted by a parent

January 19, 2010
Remember to fully investigate your decision about this school prior to making your choice. Do not believe the hype of it being a new school, trust it leaves so much to be desired.....

- submitted by a parent
no rating
January 12, 2010
My son always attended a private school setting. I was told a Charter School was basically the same as a private school. But unfornutaletly, I experienced the total opposite. They are more worried about the MSA Testing, and not the child. I tried serveral times to set an appointment to test my son for additional help, No Luck (5 month and still waiting). Teachers should have a background with working with multi-cultural students. (Yelling will not help the students to learn). Not only the academics is important so is the physcial education. No room for outside play. The children can not run on the playground without recieving detention. I thought outside was for jumping, running, and having a great time. Nope, not at Imagine Discovery. I am very dissappointed in this school, tomorrow will be my son's last day.

- submitted by a parent

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Imagine Discovery Charter School
1726 Whitehead Rd, Baltimore, MD  21207
(410) 877-3338
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