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does anyone know of a school for gifted children in maryland?


sydneyhuth January 4, 2010

my son is 5 1/2 and in kindergarten at a private school. he has been actively reading since he was 3, can add and subtract, and has incredible memorization skills. we don't feel that he is being stimulated acedemically at his current school, but don't feel that he his ready emotionally or socially to skip grades as of yet. he's still a little guy, but we don't want his potential wasted, or for him to become bored with learning. he's tested to a 2nd/3rd grade level on all subjects.

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jrosep March 19, 2013

I had to check to make sure that I didn't post the above myself (a few years ago). Mine was similar. He learned nothing in Kindergarten, First grade, Second Grade and Third. Oh, he learned to stop listening....because he didn't need to. Now he is in the G/T program. He still doesn't listen, and I'm not sure his math needs are challenged...mine is socially behind (sweet as can be but the other cool kids are destroying his ego). So, get out if you can. Go to private school. There is a private school in Virginia, and there are a few in DC. Oh, we do have a math tutor....just for fun. So he keeps his mind a little sharp.


healthy11 January 5, 2010

Hi. I'm not from MD, but my son attended a private gifted school that was accredited through (National Association of Independent Schools) so you might see what kinds of schools they have in your area.
You might also like to join Greatschools Gifted Group at and see what other suggestions parents may have.

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