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aweger August 13, 2010

Hi! My family is in a fast-moving situation and will be moving to Maryland in early September, and I'm interested in parents' advice on area public high schools. While we will be working in the city, our current plan is to live outside the Beltway--so we have a wide area to consider.

My son is an entering HS freshman with straight As and a strong interest in art, math, and culinary pursuits, as well as tennis and track.

Any recommendations (or warnings!) would be welcomed and received with gratitude.

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slpmom August 14, 2010

Wi th those interests, I strongly recommend that you investigate the Carver Center for the Arts. It is a magnet school in Towson, just off the beltway. Since it is a magnet, you can live anywhere in Balto. County & still be able to attend. There is an application process and it does have limited enrollment. Your student probably would not be able to get in for this school year, but some of the programs accept 10th graders, so he may be able to go to an regional school for 9th, and apply to Carver for 10th. Check the Baltimore County schools website for Office of Magnet Schools & get info about application process -- it's very specific, b/c the admission process is very competitive.


taylorann September 27, 2010

Stay out of Baltimore City public schools especially if your child has a strong specific intrest. I would also recommend Carver Center for the Arts and Technology.


BCPSSparent October 24, 2010

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly for short) is a great school for a high achieving student who is especially interested in math, science and engineering. The Ingenuity Project is a program within the school that my kids are part of. I believe it is the best high school in the greater Baltimore area.

Google or Wikipedia on the two names should give you more information.


gonorthwest January 11, 2011

I can't believe someone said stay out of Baltimore City. Clearly they do not have children in Baltimore City schools and are not involved in Baltimore City High Schools. Baltimore City has some of the best private schools in the State. Baltimore City also has very high ranking schools such as Poly, Western, Digital Harbor, The Famous Baltimore School for the Arts.

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