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Moving to Baltimore--Need advice on Towson vs. Lutherville Schools


julie_segal October 1, 2010

I'd love to get some input on the middle and high schools in Towson in comparison to Lutherville's schools. Both Dulaney and Towson High are rated 9, but I know numbers don't tell the whole story. Dumbarton is rated 8, while Ridgely is rated 10. I have to say that I'm more attracted to Towson's housing stock and city feel than the classic suburbia in Lutherville. But, I want the best schools for my kids. Thanks for any feedback.

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md2mom October 23, 2010

Okay, I have been looking into moving to Baltimore myself and my in-laws live in Towson. I don't have any personal experience with the schools myself but here is what I have learned. First of all, both Towson and Lutherville schools are Baltimore County so all governed by the same system. I don't believe that any of the schools you mentioned have air conditioning, though Ridgely is supposed to get it within the next two years after a very long battle by parents of students. Something like 70 of Baltimore County's schools do not have air conditioning and so the school system cancels school or lets them out early if the heat index is going to be too high. For instance, this last Sept. 1st, they got out two hours early because it was about 93 degrees that day. So that is something to think about. It has put me off moving to Baltimore County because that could be a real problem with last minute daycare or something. Now, I don't know where you are moving from but around here it stays well into the 70's or 80's through Halloween, usually and we had at least 10 90 degree days in May and June this year (though that is unusual). Just something to think about.

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