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lizzzy November 19, 2010

what are the schools like down there cause i would like to know for i move

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prcaballo January 11, 2011

It depends on what part of the area you intend to live. The city schools have a well deserved bad reputation but there are some that are the exception. Overall, the best school ratings will come from Howard and Montgomery counties. However, there are good schoold in Baltimore county as well. Obviously, YOUR experience is what matters, not what the school's overall rating is.


gonorthwest January 11, 2011

"A well deserved bad reputation" is non sense. I wish in replying to these questions, that facts were involved. Maryland as a whole was just ranked #1 for the best schools in the US in the Education Week Magazine. Although Howard County claims to have good schools, Baltimore City does have some of the best private schools in the State that by far beat out Howard County and Montgomery County. Many of those schools are also in Baltimore City. Baltimore City too also has a variety of "Great" schools to name a few Calvin Rodwell Elementary School which is the only elementary school in the country with a Culinary Arts program that is also award winning. They have also been awarded the prestigious Goldseker Foundation award twice, as well as 5 other Baltimore City Schools including Barclay Middle, Waverly Elementary/Middle School, Gwynn Falls Elementary School, and Cross County Elementary School. You also have amazing technical schools and art schools such as The Famous Baltimore School for the Arts and Digital Harbor High School.


AfriBuilder January 18, 2011

@gonorthwest, proud of your response. Thank you.


Melimeg May 11, 2011

I'm a substitute teacher for Baltimore County, and the best schools are: High School: Eastern Tech, Patapsco School for the Arts and Perry Hall High School. Middle School: Parkville. Elementary School: There are lots of good elementary schools, especially Chase Elementary and Chapel Hill. I live in the Perry Hall school district, and my kids have excelled and made quality friends. Kenwood and Joppatowne high schools are awful, and so is Landsdowne Middle. The kids don't care about learning or being obedient, and the parents don't care enough about their children to discipline and teach them consequences to allow them to excel in life.

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