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klaine2010 December 29, 2010

We are thinking of relocating from GA to MD in the next year or so. I am a teacher and have a 10 month old and a 14 year old. Can anyone point me in the direction of a great school district. We are a modest family looking for family friendly neighborhood.

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prcaballo January 11, 2011

Hello. You will find the best school ratings in Montgomery county. The next best ratings come from Howard county. I live in Baltimore county and have found great experiences there as well. If you have any more specific information you'd like, I'd gladly share what I know. Best of luck to you.


gonorthwest January 11, 2011

Most recently Maryland was just ranked #1 in the US for Schools in Education Week Magazine. Baltimore does have some great schools as well and some amazing charter schools. Specifically in Northwest Baltimore, you have Calvin Rodwell Elementary School that has received the prestigious Goldseker Award twice for program and curriculum enhancements. They also are the only school in the US (Elementary school that is) that has a Culinary Arts Program. You also have schools such as Roland Park, Waverly Middle/Elementary that have also won numerous awards for success rates.

Hope that helps.


dwillingham March 10, 2011

Montgomery and Howard Counties in Maryland are NOT for families of mdest means. There are VERY expensive counties, and fiscally broke. Populated primarily by federal and state employees. Very liberal and progressive, not conservative values.
Baltimore County Schools are going through a major re-organization now because schools in nice areas are overcrowded while not so nice schools in poorer areas are under-crowded. They are going to be moving kids around in the schools. Many parents in Baltimore County and City lie about their address to get their child in a better neighborhood school.
Lived in Maryland for over 40 years, it's the 5th highest taxed state. If you must move here and have a decent standard of living, move to the northern counties of Maryland. Those areas are booming due to lower prices, better schools, no overcrowding. Do NOT move to counties near Washington, DC. High taxes and VERY expensive.
By the way, Maryland's legislature is approving a bill permitting illegal aliens pay in state tuition rates for college. You need to understand Maryland is VERY Liberal in it's politics and policies.


noliehere March 31, 2011

I would advise you to visit and taake a complete tour before you relocate. If you do decide to come here be prepared to be shocked. The City of Baltimore, the State of Md should be considered very seriously. i do hope you have other places on your list. the schools here are over crowed and the teachers don't or either are to overwhelmed with the number of students in the classroom to care. you are truly better off in GA


mrjordan64 April 27, 2011

don't do it


Melimeg May 11, 2011

I purposefully moved to Perry Hall/Nottingham, Maryland BECAUSE of the great reputation that this school district has. We are conservative here and very involve parents in our community. We are great neighbors to one another and have a terrific recreation and parks council where all of our kids get together for sports and other community events, such as our town fair. We have a family-oriented bowling alley and a kid-friendly YMCA, and we're right off of route 95 for commuting convenience. We are middle middle class in income and very proud of how beautifully we maintain our neighborhood. Our demographic is a nice mix of mostly Asian and European but also African American and Indian, and we're mostly Catholic and Methodist religions, but we also have a great nondenominational church that boasts fun community activities and an awesome youth group and a huge central daycare center near the YMCA and shopping center. We're close to White Marsh Mall, post office, gas stations, shopping, etc. but are a neat, clean, tidy neighborhood of good people. The 3 elementary schools (Perry Hall, Joppa View and Chaple Hill) are in close proximity to PH Middle and PH High, which are both a mile from each other on Ebenezer Road for convenience. Welcome!


anthrogirl October 4, 2011

Maryland schools are pretty good. Always check the schools that serve the neighborhoods you're looking at and then check their MSA scores. While MD is trying hard to turn around all of its lower scoring schools, it's better not to start there if you don't have to. Montgomery, Howard and Baltimore Counties are good places to start. Special services are available for kids at both ends of the spectrum. MD has been voted best school system in the country for a couple of years now. I live in southwestern part of Baltimore County (Catonsville/Ellicott CIty area). We love it here. It's close to the city but has a nice small community feel.

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