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Moving to Southern California


esther12x November 2, 2011

HELP please. Our family will be moving from Baltimore county to southern california. Our children are all in elementary school and one will soon be going to middle school. We will be buying a home in Southern california. Please can anyone shed light on good family areas

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jbc4IHS December 6, 2011

Whereabouts in Southern Cal? I suggest you check out each area by counties: San Diego County, Riverside County, Los Angeles Co., Orange County, etc. Your choice for a place of residence also depends on how far or how long you are willing to commute to work. So. Cal is big. But I found this info (you might have it already) from City Data Forum:

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San Diego is a great city. However, I cannot fathom a good family area close to the water that is remotely within your price range. If there were, I would not have moved away from there. I was renting a home in the Sunset Cliffs/Point Loma area. I could walk down the hill to the ocean. The schools were great. My neighbors were great. And I could have purchased a nice and tiny little old home for about 800K. And therein was my problem. So off to Temecula we went...

I'm a 45 minute drive from the ocean right now, but I have to say that Temecula is an amazing family town. You can get a real nice home in your price range. Temecula probably has one of the best school systems in the state for its price range. In other words, there are better school districts, but not in areas where you can buy homes for less than 300K. They have a ton of activities for kids. But seriously, my wife and I have been very surprised at how good a community Temecula is. FYI, I'm culturally conservative, politically moderate, and really appreciate a good ole fashioned traditional family neighborhood.


1. Good school system, especially in this price range.
2. Tons of community activities for the kids.
3. Practically no crime. The worst area of Temecula is still a nice area.
4. Pretty hard to not meet friends here. My wife seems to gain a new friend taking my son to the parks every week.
5. 1 hour to San Diego. 1 hour to LA. 45 minutes to ocean.
6. Neat little wine country town. There are about 43 wineries in the town.
7. Neat little old town.
8. All the typical shopping/restaurants.
9. Just a tad cooler than the other Inland Empire Towns.


1. Pretty darned hot in the summer. You'll get several heat waves where temps are around 105. It is a dry heat though. I'd take 105 in Temecula over 90 in CT for instance.
2. If you need to work in SD or LA, the traffic is bad. That said, there are enough medical facilities for you to likely find a job locally. I don't think location will be an issue for your husband.

Anyway, my 2 cents. Temecula is not the best town in SoCal, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better family town in your price range. And that's the key; in your price range. If you said you had 600K+ for a home, your options would be much different. I'm not easily pleased and I've been really impressed with the family qualities of Temecula.

One final note: There is a difference between Temecula and some of its neighbors. You can drive 5 miles from here and find homes much cheaper...but for various reasons from higher temps to worse schools.
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