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I have a grandson who has high functioning autism and is mainstreamed with an aide for most subjects. I am considering Rolan...


papagena January 3, 2013

I have a custody of my 8 year old grandson, who has high functioning autism. I will be moving to Baltimore, so family can help me with him. I am looking at Roland Park Elem. He is mainstreamed with an aide for most subjects. In your opinion would he do okay at Roland Park? I am pretty limited to this area. Also, are there any other close private schools which are not too expensive that would be good? Please share your thoughts.

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afl910 January 10, 2013

Greetings - I signed up to this site just to respond to your post because I couldn't pass up sharing this info.

I have a nearly 14 year old son with high functioning Autism. He has been to many schools here in the Baltimore area, public and private and I, personally wouldn't recommend any of the public schools here for a child with Autism. Even though I know he is probably phenomenally intelligent and can get the concept of what is taught to him, the social atmosphere and lack of training by staff at the public schools here in Baltimore are not welcoming for our children. Even though RP is the best of the public schools here in Baltimore and even with an aide present and potentially an IEP (which I feel are not for children on the spectrum per-say), it will still be an continuous battle for him and stressful for you as well.

Depending on where you plan to move within Baltimore, I would recommend you going the private school route. My son currently attends a private school for children with high functioning Autism, OCD, ADHD, etc., called the Auburn school. It is a 1st through 8th grade school. It is about 15 minutes from RP, it is in the county but costly. They do offer financial assistance however. Trust me, as a single mom of two boys and paying bills, they are generous with the assistance. I love this school and wish he could stay throughout high school there they currently on go to 8th grade so this is his last year.

There are other schools, all private, in Baltimore city and county that cater to those on the spectrum such as the Baltimore Lab school (City, grades 1-12), Compass Academy (county - grades 1-12) and The Harbour School (Balto county and Annapolis), just to name a few that I know have good programs and staff highly skilled to help our children.

There are some good typical-style-classroom private schools in the area too and perhaps a few good small classroom sized charter schools but over time, the classes are going to more than likely increase in size or you will just run into a difficult teacher who does not understand Autism and scar your grandson's confidence and willingness to learn. Been there.

Hopefully this post has helped and wasn't too much or too little but if you want to talk more, just let me know. I'm always willing to help.


hdow243 January 18, 2013

I would also not recommend Roland Park for your grandson. He isn't going to get the one-on-one attention he needs there. I am in agreement with the other poster about the various private schools around the area that offer a better curriculum as well as more one on one attention. My son is not autistic but he attends St. Thomas Aquinas in Hampden (right next to Roland Park) and only has 13 in his class as well as two full-time teachers. The city public schools tend to have 35+ students per classroom.


papagena January 23, 2013

Thanks so much for your help. We are considering Rodgers Forge Elementary, which is just over the county line.


BaltMDmom March 5, 2013

Please take a look at the Auburn School; they have THE best program for children who have high functioning Autism. The cost is high, but they have a VERY generous financial aid package. I would look into it.

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