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Gaithersburg, MD
Students enrolled: 2,004

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314 South Frederick Ave
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

(301) 840-4700
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March 27, 2015
Gaithersburg is a great school. Its a great learning atmosphere. Students and teachers are great and supportive of one another for the most part. Despite all of the bad rumors from the past, the new school has changes the spirit of everyone and Gaithersburg has become one of the best schools in the county in my opinion.

- submitted by a student
September 11, 2014
Gaithersburg High School is 37% Hispanic. At last evening's Back to School Night Hispanic parents were overwhelming ABSENT! Most of those attending were parents of black students (27% of the student population and the greatest representation was from white parents which represents only 22% of the students attending GHS. This is an amazing facility with everything a child needs to learn. In fact, if you can't learn in this environment and from these teachers, it is probably your own fault. What we can't do is make parents more involved. What a shame.

- submitted by a community member
January 24, 2014
Great school! My son has had excellent teachers and classes. Plenty of advanced classes offered! to meet the needs of all students.

- submitted by a parent
September 26, 2013
Best counselors ever! They take time for each child they counsel, and really. talk with them, and the parents. Best teachers - they keep senior year interesting and challenging! Best principal - positive attitude that exudes throughout the school. She sets the tone for success in the school.

- submitted by a parent
June 26, 2013
At first I thought Gaithersburg High School was a great school for my child. Yes there's kids who graduate but there's a high rate of drop outs in this school. They don't really give you the help you ask for. I have been asking for help and I even wanted a screening on my child but they thought that wasn't the right desition. If my child and know what's right for my child why would they deny my request. So if they wernt giving me the help I needed I tried to transfer my child to a school that well actually give my child the help he needs but Gaithersburg isn't trying to let my child go and now there saying that I never asked for help.

- submitted by a parent
December 06, 2012
My review is based on two kids at GHS - one graduated in 2012 the other will graduate in 2014. I have never encountered such a bunch of uncaring and disengaged teachers in all of my life. Only about 20% seem competent in their subject matter or teaching at the secondary school level. AP classes are a joke and dumbed down. Certainly not preparing students for college. The school was satisfied with my son's performance as long as he wasn't one of the students involved in the daily fights, fires in trash cans or gang activity. Took a couple of years of private tutoring to get my son ready for college - GHS teachers - no help. Lazy instructors. School now overrun by ESOL students with the result that the teachers have low academic expectations of the students. Current facility is an embarassment. I have to apologize to my kids for sending them to this school. I noticed no award winning teachers in the last decade due to lack of leadership.

- submitted by a parent
November 04, 2012
Great school. My daughter graduated from GHS in 2012. I have been more than pleased with the attentiveness given her by the teachers and administrators. When we moved from the Richard Montgomery cluster, I was concerned that she would not flousish. Additionally, I'd heard negative things about the school and it's students. What I experienced was 180 degrees opposite from what I'd heard. The disciplinary problems were no worse than those at Richard Montgomery. My daughter completed three years and with the encouragenment of GHS maintained good grades and is now in college on a scholarship. do yourself a favor and drop by to see for yourself what's happening at GHS. The principal Dr. Christine Handy Collins has turned the school around. Trojan Pride is on the Rise.

- submitted by a parent
November 01, 2012
My daughter attended GHS in 2011 and I was very unhappy with it. A large number of students have no intention of continuing on to college and some are only putting in their time until they are allowed to quit. I know the school can't control this but all the same it is not an atmosphere that I want my children to be in. My daughter complained of science labs that couldn't be completed because of misbehaving classmates, fights on a daily basis, teen pregnancy, etc. We received a recorded call before the PSAT was administered urging students to attend school and even resorting to prizes for attendance just to get the students to take the test. The few times that I was in the building the security guards did their jobs of signing people in but it was not at all a welcoming atmosphere, I almost felt like I was just an annoyance to be dealt with. I understand that if you take the AP or honors courses you can get a very good education but my daughter is not honors level in every course. She should be able to get a good education in the regular classes. Her motivation to succeed started to disappear. It seems that this school is for honors students and non-students, not average students.

- submitted by a parent
June 16, 2012
I graduated at GHS 1n 1984. It was a great school then. My oldest daughter graduated from GHS in 2010 and she took adventage of a good education and going to college now. My middle daughter just finished 11th grade and I am very dissappointed. Culture has changed and there are less and less kids who really strive to succeed. I will not be sending my son there in one year and will be moving to another state instead.

- submitted by a parent
December 22, 2011
Three of my children attended GHS since 2000. All of them excelled in academics with the help of their teachers. Each was able to pursue interests in sports, art, music, and business. Each took advantage of the AP and Montgomery College courses offered on campus. While the facilities were lacking in the past, a new building is under construction.

- submitted by a parent
August 08, 2011
I will be entering the 10th grade this year at Gaithersburg High. What I hate the most is not the school itself, but it's reputation. Before kids even know the school, they're always saying that it's the "ghetto" school with a bad education; I, myself, used to think that, but I have experienced otherwise. I emplore you to visit the school website and see all that this school has to offer; there are many AP classes (amount fluctuates yearly) and the teachers are great [meaning: for the most part, they're pretty fun, but they know when to "lay down the law"]. The only bad part is how we [students] will have to adjust to the new construction that is currently going on. Other than that, it's a great school with many academic opportunities at hand. As well as supporting counselors that encourage students to try out for scholarships and things like that. If someone tells you that the school is bad, maybe they're only reffering to a student they know or heard of that isn't very...reputable I suppose.

- submitted by a student
December 09, 2010
I am currently a Junior at GHS. I had recently written a whole essay, accidentally, on why you shouldn't send your child here however I was unable to send it in so I just want to give a the gist of it. Education is lacking. While temporarily in a on-level class this is what I have heard: "You only need to write a sentence and you will pass the class, so it is important that you are here to copy down this sentence." At first i thought he was joking but never once did a smile crack his serious facade. The rest of the week we did remedial things like coloring and putting the presented answer in a blank. Now you say that this simply may be one bad class however during my extended period in the library before and after school. The only solution for classes like this is taking all AP courses. In addition, drugs, pregnant teens, fighting and stealing are not rare occurrences at this school, pretty frequent actually. Not surprisingly, I am in the middle of trying to get a transfer to another school and would strongly suggest that you do not send your child here.

- submitted by a student
September 24, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
September 02, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
October 28, 2008
As an alumni from GHS over 30 years ago, I now have two children attending GHS. My oldest is a senior has enjoyed her academic classes tremendously. Being involved in the Academy of Finance has helped develop her decision on what to study in college. The honors classes have pushed her harder than if she had taken on level classes. My youngest is a sophmore and is pushing himself by sticking with the honors classes as well. Yes, they have both had a couple of bad teachers, but overall I don't hear either of them complaining about not being taught well. Most of the teachers are available for extra help during lunch and after school. GHS gets an unfair bad reputation. There are definitely worse schools in this county. All GHS needs is a facelift!!

- submitted by a parent
September 30, 2008
Good school academically. If you are a student willing amd eager to learn, there is a wide-range of opportunities and activities to pursure.

- submitted by a parent
May 25, 2007
I'm currently a junior at GHS, soon to be a senior. GHS is a great school, but you ought to join activities and take AP classes in order to get the best experience. I do not give a hoot about the building. It's just fine. I assure all potential GHS parents that your child will receive a valuable education here, but they must want to learn. Avoid taking on-level courses if possible. Those classes have the students that mostly overshadow our school's relatively successful student body. Many of the aforementioned troublemakers are few in number. I dislike that GHS is sometimes looked down upon because of them. We truly have highly intellectual people here. Your child just needs to find these bright students. Then I guarantee that they will have success.

- submitted by a student
December 03, 2006
Since graduating from GHS, I can honestly say that I miss it. Yes, the building is old and needs a renovation- but everything else is wonderful. From the students to the staff, everyone is friendly. At Gaithersburg, everyone gets along. The extracurricular activities are definitely a highlight and the bond among the students here is incredible. One thing I miss most is sitting at the football games, surrounded by all the screaming Trojans; peers and parents alike. At Gaithersburg, I was able to meet people I would not normally have met. We are all friends- no one is made fun of because they are different. This doesn't happen anywhere else. I love GHS, and miss it more than I thought. I am sure everyone who graduated from there will agree, we will ALWAYS be proud to have been a GHS Trojan.

- submitted by a former student
October 25, 2006
Our son graduated from this school and overall it was unpleasant and difficult for him. Other than a few exceptionally gifted teachers who inspired him his four years there were just passing time until college. In fact, if we as his parents did not know the Grading & Reporting Policy for the School System he would have suffered blatant errors in grading and teacher grading abuse. He took all Honors and AP classes and they were sometimes challenging but did not prepare him for county and national exams as students were in other county schools. The building has always been considered a stepchild by the system for renovation and is hideous to walk through. We live one mile from a newer county high school but because of county attempts to 'spread the wealth' he was bussed seven miles to this high school and this school is in Newsweek's top 100 HSs!

- submitted by a teacher
October 18, 2006
Poor leadership. Gang issues! Warning, stay away from the bridge program. The special education services are very poor. A huge amount of behavior issues.

- submitted by a parent
March 23, 2006
I am very disappointed with Gaithersburg High school. The school needs a major overhaul of teachers and administration. There is blatant discrimination and disrespect. I am thankful that I have instilled in my child that I am his/her primary teacher, because the ones at Gaithersburg High are not fit to ensure a proper education or a future for any child. Unless, there is your child is one of their favorites, if not then you may as well have your child take the GED and move on. I am so disappointed with what my child has to deal with on a daily basis. Even if a child comes to Gaithersburg with high hopes and dreams, the teachers at Gaithersburg are sure to shatter them. Teachers who are older in age definitely need to move on because they spew discrimination and treat the children like criminals. No child deserves that!

- submitted by a parent
February 06, 2006
The school is not the very best Maryland has to offer, however, it does a fair job at teaching the children. Some teachers are better than others at coming across to students. The Advanced Placement teachers really do push your child to excel in thier respective subject. All in all, the school is no better than the one you attended as a teenager. Three stars.

- submitted by a former student
September 10, 2005
GHS is a marginal high school that has delusions of greatness! Gang issues, academics issues, leadership issues, and the athletic department is in serious need of an a overhaul. I have sent two of my kids there, but will be sending my other two to private schools or will home school them. At GHS they talk of fairness and good sportmanship, but they practice their own blatant version of discrimintion. I have reseached other high schools in the county and I have yet to find a school worthy of much praise. As a graduate of Churchill HS three decades ago, I remember when Montgomery County MD schools were the best. They are but a faint shadow of what they once were.

- submitted by a parent
April 26, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a former student
February 19, 2005
As an alumni of Gaithersburg and now a staff member I see all the opportunities that students have. Yes, the building is old but but more importantly the activities on the inside are really what counts. No school is without problems. The so called rich school across town that I use to work at had just as many and even more issues. GHS staff work very hard to make the climate condusive to learning. The students are great. There's a place for everyone at GHS. The schools diversity is larger than most schools but thats reality. Students learn more than just academics. They learn about each other. There's no better place. I'm proud to be an alumni, staff member and Trojan parent. Go Trojans Ladies Basketball.

- submitted by a parent
February 10, 2005
My daughter feels okay studying in Gaithersburg High School, as long as, authorities step up to reinforce the dress codeIn my own opinion, teachers should hand-out more homeworks to the students. As a parent, I believe that students must be kept busy at all times; it's not right when a student finishes homework before getting home, and then spents the rest of the time watching TV. I highly recommend reading and writing assignments every other day for all levels.

- submitted by a parent
January 20, 2005
As a current student of Gaithersbirg High School, I feel our school is severely underestimated. the academics here are great. I am in all honors/AP classes, and they are all overcrowed which I feel is a great thing. Many of the students here get accepted to top schools, such as UVA, Duke,UMD, e.t.c. what you get out of the teaching is all up to the student. If I was a parent I would love to send my child here. I myself am going to attend UNC Chapel Hill. On behalf of the building I would have to say that this school is in need of major reparis, but whenever we are supposed to get a renovation we are so generous as to give our turn to another school. So don't talk about our school anymore when we are doing everybody else a favor. Complain to the school Board.

- submitted by a student
January 07, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a former student
December 07, 2004
The few years that I have attended Gaithersburg Ive enjoyed it. Alot of the students complain about it but they dont know what there missing until their gone. Im one of those students. yeah I complained about the ceiling falling, the nasty lunch food, the air conditioning not working, the rooms smelling like mold, teachers not being able to explain things more than twice,and of course the dead mice in the back of the science classroom. But through all that you begin to miss it.those cold football games with all those screaming Trojans. And intresting pep rallys & sprit weeks. Even though security will never run out of a job due to our prolems with one another the staff and students are warmhearted people. All we need is a little extreme make over. GO TROJANS!

- submitted by a former student
November 30, 2004
I dont know what parents have said about Gaithersburg High, but it's all wrong. Gaithersburg is the sadest excuse for a school!

- submitted by a parent
September 08, 2004
On the plus side: Great extracuricular activities, school spirit, some great teachers, diversity, 'attempts' to stress academics with new Signature Programs and push for more students in honors and AP courses. On the negative side: Too crowded, too many students in AP/Honors courses (and too much cheating in these higher level courses), school buildings are old and in disrepair, inability to attract good teachers (especially in math) and to keep good teachers/staff/principals once they arrive.

- submitted by a parent
September 09, 2003
Gaithersburg High School is rich in diversity and educational experiences. The teaching staff I've met have been enthusiastic, knowledgeable and receptive to parental involvement. They're respectful of the kids and they really care about them. There's a wealth of opportunity available to a child attending Gaithersburg High School and I'm proud to have my daughter attend.

- submitted by a parent
August 26, 2003
The overall quality of education at GHS is very good. If a student wants to learn (and can avoid the distractions) then he or she will learn and become well prepared for college. The school should continue to place more emphasis on academics and college preparedness and less on sports.

- submitted by a parent
August 25, 2003
I loved Gaithersburg..the sports and academics were phenomenal. I feel like I'm prepared for college. I hope my children attend such a dynamic school.

- submitted by a former student
August 10, 2003
The diversity of this school added richly to my education. I am glad to have gone to GHS. Go Trojans!

- submitted by a former student

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