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Millersville, MD
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911 Generals Highway
Millersville, MD 21108

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February 07, 2015
As the father of three sons who attended Rockbridge Academy, I can honestly give the school my highest endorsement. The education they received at Rockbridge was truly superior and is was certainly not narrow-minded, as some reviewers have indicated. The faculty and staff at Rockbridge exposed my sons to a world of great ideas--some that lined up with the Biblical worldview they learned at home and many ideas that did not. However, students at Rockbridge learn to evaluate all ideas in light of the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. They learn how to engage in the great conversation in the context Western Civilization. Almost as important as the fine education my sons received at Rockbridge was the community they were a part of. With very few exceptions, their fellow classmates were lovers of learning and lovers of Christ. Rockbridge Academy is a place that welcomes and encourages students to learn. The teachers and staff encourage sincere faith in Christ because they, themselves, are possessors of it. In a world that seems to value many things above knowledge and wisdom, Rockbridge marches boldly against the culture.

- submitted by a parent
January 08, 2015
As a former student, it's important to note that different students have fundamentally different experiences at Rockbridge. Judging the merits of a Rockbridge education, and I'd assume any education whatsoever, is not as straightforward as taking one's own experience of the school as paradigmatic of all experiences in general; let alone, the very "essence" of the institution. I know many students who love their Rockbridge education, attribute to it their spiritual and academic health/success and would send their own children back. I also know many students (many!) who believe they've succeeded academically and spiritiually IN SPITE OF their Rockbridge education, they wouldn't send their children back to Rockbridge. Rockbridge has a unique academic curriculum that anyone would benefit from having, but I (*just me) think the culture at Rockbridge is parasitic and the administration in denial. I know, and knew, students who struggled greatly at Rockbridge, and in large part because of Rockbridge. Sex, drugs, depression, suicidal thoughts, racism, sexism, it's all there. Though it's at every other school as well Rockbridge tends to shame and isolate and in the name of Christ and Truth.

- submitted by a student
December 08, 2014
I attended Rockbridge for twelve years. In the last few years I have come to fully appreciate the value of the education I received while I was there. First, Rockbridge taught me how to think critically. The upper school teachers help the students learn how to assess ideas from a biblical worldview. Second, Rockbridge taught me how to write well. When I arrived at college I discovered that not all students who graduate from high school are adequately prepared to express their thoughts well in writing or in speech. At Rockbridge, every junior and senior writes a 15-20 page thesis which is presented and defended in front of the faculty and an audience. After completing this rigorous process, I can honestly say that I was undaunted by my college writing assignments; this thesis process adequately prepared me for college in this way. Lastly, on a more personal note, at Rockbridge each student is genuinely loved and nurtured. All of my teachers made themselves available to me to meet outside of class if I ever needed help or had questions. I would highly recommend this school to any parents seeking an excellent Christ centered education in a warm and caring school community.

- submitted by a community member
December 05, 2014
Rockbridge, from Kindergarden to one's Senior year, is adamantly focused on pouring into their students and forming them to be strong, independent thinkers with a heart for others. Every class, every sports practice, every extracurricular activity is planned with the upmost wisdom and care in order to benefit the students. Furthermore, although Rockbridge pours into its students and fosters their growth, they also give their students the freedom to grow in their own abilities. Things like the Kindergardeners' Family Tree Presentation, The Grand Tour (a 17 day trip to Greece and Italy), and Senior Theses are all examples of ways Rockbridge gives its students the freedom to grow in their character, their academic prowess, and in their relationship with God. Finally, in addition to preparing me for life as a whole, Rockbridge has given me the ability to excel in college. I am at one of the top business schools in the country and am near the top of my class. I accredit my success here to Rockbridge's excellent education and formulation of my character. I have the upmost pride in saying I am a Rockbridge Academy Alumni.

- submitted by a community member
December 05, 2014
I graduated from Rockbridge Academy and had a great experience. The teachers, academics, and sports were fantastic! I wanted to address the November 11, 2014 post that says Rockbridge only prepares students for a small conservative Christian-type college and to anticipate struggling immeasurably at a reputable secular college. That certainly wasn't the experience of my graduating class. I attended the University of Maryland-College Park which is 62nd in the US News & World Report national rankings with 26,000+ undergraduates and certainly not conservative. However, I graduated with honors and found myself extremely well prepared for the academics and student life at UMD. Others in my class also graduated from Maryland as well as the University of Virginia and James Madison University. Bottom line is I thoroughly enjoyed both schools! Both high school & college are what you make of it. Stay positive, work hard, maintain a sense-of-humor, manage your time effectively, and make the most of your education. Give Rockbridge a try..you won't have any regrets!

- submitted by a community member
December 04, 2014
Rockbridge is a great school if you want your kids to get in to great colleges, have an ability to communicate in public, learn how to really solve complex problems and most of all do all of this whilst learning the beauty and strength of Christ-like humility. We are a very passionate Catholic family yet we sent our 6 kids to a very passionate Protestant school. Why? Well we tried other private schools in the area. We know what is out there from experience and not from brochures. Rockbridge not only has crazy high SAT scores, it teaches kids values and really helps form character. They teach humility. Highschoolers serving lower grades. A zero tolerance on arrogance or disrespect. We have very different children yet each one blossomed at the school. If you are in doubt about the school just swing by and observe. You will be impressed. God is alive at the school and it is therefore a joyful and peaceful place where kids learn to love learning.

- submitted by a parent
December 04, 2014
In my time at Rockbridge, I found it to be a very strong school academically with a very caring staff. Although the curriculum is challenging, the teachers spend a great deal of time working one on one with students to ensure that they have the best possible comprehension of the material.

- submitted by a community member
December 04, 2014
Looking at some previous reviews, I have to say, if you are not up for invigorating discussions every time you walk in the door, Rockbridge is not for you. Rockbridge is not a collection of "hardline conservative evangelical protestants" who "condemn and mock your beliefs", if they are contrary to their own. I attended Rockbridge for many years, a Catholic in a mainly Protestant school. But I never felt targeted or threatened by anyone. I just understood that sometimes, people speak about things they do not understand. I was always arguing with some person or another over anything and everything having to do with my faith. But, that really helped me grow stronger in my beliefs. Anyone who hates on Rockbridge Academy, is just ignorant of the fact, that not everyone will agree with you. But in order to solve this, you must openly discuss your problems. I did this for once, last year, and it was remarkable. The discussion that ensued was not condemning, or disdaining, but really informative and eye-opening. Go SCOTS!

- submitted by a community member
December 04, 2014
I am a graduate of Rockbridge and I am supremely grateful for my experiences there. Rockbridge is truly unique in that it offers students a world-class education combined with a small, close-knit community. It pains me to see that other graduates did not have a good experience at Rockbridge. I feel for them; and at the same time I believe that many of their problems were self-inflicted. If you keep an open mind and work hard, you will succeed at Rockbridge. You will also succeed after Rockbridge. There are people on this site saying that Rockbridge didn t prepare them for college; but at the same time, Rockbridge students are doing very well at some of the nation s top universities (USNA, MIT, etc.). Could it be that the naysayers didn t prepare themselves well for college? In the end, Rockbridge is going to be what you make of it. If you re too cool for school, Rockbridge is not the place for you. However, if you willing to apply yourself and invest in your education, Rockbridge will help you succeed in whatever you choose to do.

- submitted by a community member
December 03, 2014
I had the distinct privilege of attending Rockbridge from K-12 and graduating from this excellent institution. I definitely struggled academically at points at Rockbridge, but I would say that Rockbridge equipped me with irreplaceable skills that have benefitted me in my experience at college and in my career. Firstly, Rockbridge cultivated in me a deep love for the Lord. The teachers have a contagious and fervent love for Christ that is evident in all that they do. They showed me the unique way that we could see God's design in each of their subjects and also continuously pointed me to the call that He had on my life. Secondly, they held me to a high standard academically and morally. While this challenged at times, it allowed me to witness the genuine love that the school has for each of their students. My education at Rockbridge gave me a deep love for the Lord and for learning as well as teaching me to be a well-educated, well-spoken, and courteous individual. In college and my career, I have found that I am far better equipped to succeed than most. When I speak of my education, they are always impressed. I'm so thankful for Rockbridge and strongly believe in their mission.

- submitted by a community member
November 11, 2014
I graduated from Rockbridge Academy and I would highly caution any parent who is considering putting their children in school there. Rockbridge claims to teach the "Great Ideas" of western philosophy however, the slightest knowledge of philosophy would make it clear that these classes are taught poorly and with the sole purpose of indoctrinating students in a particular right wing conservative reformed evangelical philosophical niche. Any students who exhibit tendencies towards ideas that do not fall comfortably within this niche should expect to be singled out by teachers, even if they are supported in these views by their parents and pastors. No amount of tact or intelligence on the part of these students will deliver them from this ridiculous mistreatment. Rockbridge prepares its students for college at a small conservative Christian school. If, however, you chose to attend school at any sort of reputable secular university, you should expect to struggle immeasurably. Rockbridge Academy in no way prepared me for my college experience.

- submitted by a community member
August 24, 2014
I am a former student of Rockbridge Academy, and all I can really say is that depression and anxiety were all I received from that school. I didn't learn or think like the rest of my grade and that greatly ostracized me from them. I ended up just not going to school because crippling embarrassment and anxiety were all I felt. Yes, many teachers are great as I've seen in previous reviews. But there were many that showed obvious stress and had very little time to help mentor students. It was one of the best decisions to leave that school, I am happier and way more healthier than I was. I no longer dread waking up for school, because I enjoy learning. I enjoy it because my way of thinking is no longer looked down upon.

- submitted by a community member
May 25, 2014
I am a former student. I learned a lot at Rockbridge. Most importantly, I really did learn how to think for myself. Unfortunately, this was not the actual goal of the instructors; in fact, just the opposite. If you are not a hardline conservative evangelical protestant, your beliefs and opinions will be openly condemned and mocked in the classroom and your objections will be brushed off and ignored. Students who advocated for mildly more liberal theology or politics were met with scandalized looks, while students who suggested writing a paper about revoking the woman's right to vote were all but applauded. If you are a parent of a child who is any way a divergent personality, prepare to have Rockbridge do everything it possibly can to crush their spirit in the iron grip of social, idealogical, and theological conformity. Your objections to their methods will meet with resistance. After I graduated from Rockbridge, I was fairly knowledgeable, articulate in speech and on paper, had developed robust critical thinking skills, and was more than prepared for college. I was also left with severe, crippling mental health issues that were due in large part to my experiences there.

- submitted by a community member
February 23, 2014
Rockbridge does more than provide the highest SAT scores in the area. It does more than train young men and women to be excellent public speakers and thinkers. It helps co-parent them on core values like service, humility, kindness, purity and hope. We are moving away from the area and know that we will never find a school like them.

- submitted by a parent
July 27, 2012
My kids have been attending Rockbridge for nearly ten years. I can recommend the school without hesitation. What makes it so great? Lots of things, but I'll name one: the teachers. They are dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about teaching and about their own Christian faith. They have, without exception, loved my kids by caring about them and challenging and encouraging them to strive for growth in godly character and instilling in them a love for learning. Is it perfect all the time? No. Of course not. What school is? But I'm thankful for these teachers and administrators who truly do desire to honor Christ and serve the families.

- submitted by a parent
May 22, 2012
Rockbridge Academy has an average retention rate of 94% for students in grades K-12 who enter the school in kindergarten. For transfer students, our retention rate is 99%. The staff turnover rate averages less than 5%. Our SAT scores are 400 points above the national average. Please plan to visit us any time it is convenient for you! School is in session from first Tuesday in September until the Thursday before Memorial Day. We would be happy to share our vision and mission with you. Contact us anytime at learning@rockbridge.org.

- submitted by a community member
November 16, 2011
After attending another Christian school in the Annapolis area for 9 years we transferred all of our children to Rockbridge. The academics are challenging- it's amazing what excellent teachers, a classical curriculum, and hardworking students can accomplish. The athletic program and the extracurriculars (like orchestra, debate, and choir) reflect the school's desire to serve God through its best efforts. The most important and appealing thing about this school is that it is truly Christ centered. Not only is every class taught from a Christian worldview, but the people who make up this school strive to follow and honor God-and it shows. My daughter who transferred into the grammar program, her teacher and I had a conference recently to talk about her transition. Instead of focusing on grades, the teacher addressed my daughter's heart- asking her to think and pray about whether she is doing her best for God. (She also gave her practical study hints to help as well.) Choosing a school is about prioritizing your values. For us, the Christian community and strong academics are the most important and we're thrilled to have found both here.

- submitted by a parent
November 01, 2011
I respectfully differ in opinon with the last comments in regard to Rockbridge not considering learning differences and teachers catering to only the gifted learner. On the contrary, not only was the school founded by a family whose son had a dissability, but there are quite a few students at Rockbridge today with learning differences, mine included. You wouldn't know it perhaps because they are not singled out; there is not a resourse room they go to, which is really, really wonderful. There have been a number of one-on one aides in the school's history, but more impressive is the daily Christ like support that the school provides students of all abilities, including math lab, peer tutoring, and flexibiity in the ciruculum to meet indvidual needs. For example, a student may need to use a computer in class to help with expressive language; that is going on right now at Rockbridge. In regard to being too strenuous, it all really boils down to work, and yes, it is hard some of the time, but I can assure you that it is not the grade that is praised around Rockbrige, it is the effort of a job well done, and that is the real lesson I wish to impart on my family.

- submitted by a parent
July 19, 2011
The latest review is interesting and I'm glad she posted a different perspective. My son applied to enter the 9th grade at Rockbridge. He had just finished 8th grade in a TAG magnet school taking honors courses and achieved a cumulative gpa of 3.6. The only real difficulty for him is that he's on the autism spectrum and has some learning differences. After he took the admissions test at Rockbridge, we were told that he would have to retake 8th grade in order to enter. Wanting desperately for him to be in a strong Christian environment we approached our son with the question. He agreed to repeat 8th grade in order to attend Rockbridge. Then they reqired him to take the entrance exam for entering 8th. After this, they informed us that he would not be accepted into the school because there was too much remediation required. All of this based on a simple test which we were not given the opportunity to review. There was no consideration given to his learning disability and that depending on the test, it doesn't reveal his true abilities. At his old school, he had lots of academic support. I don't think you'll find this at Rockbridge.

- submitted by a parent
April 06, 2010
I don't usually write reviews, but I am so passionate about Rockbridge that I am willing to spend the time to do so here! I have 2 children at the lower school and have been so happy about their experience there. Not only have they learned an enormous amount academically (they appear to be ahead of their peers at other schools), they have also been instructed about the Bible, Christian character and values, developing a strong work ethic, treating others with love and respect, and the list goes on! The teachers clearly love what they do and pour their lives into teaching and loving their students. We have also been very impressed with the wise, godly, prayerful leadership of the school. Can't recommend it strongly enough!

- submitted by a parent
February 13, 2010
If you are a Christian parent looking for a school that will support your efforts to teach your children truth in this relativistic age, then Rockbridge Academy will supersede your expectations. Rockbridge's methods of education are vastly different than more modern ones used in other schools, and this produces results. Rockbridge does not experiment with new education techniques on your children. Its goals are not higher AP or SAT scores, and it doesn't offer classes catered to standardized tests or designed to make sure that every student passes. Rockbridge's faculty truly desire to mentor your children in a Christ-centered fashion, using the time-tested Trivium method that produced the great minds of Greece, Rome, and Europe; which will ultimately teach your children to think independently for themselves - and to evaluate all claims by the standard of truth found in the Bible.

- submitted by a student
October 13, 2009
I graduated from here and can say it prepared me for college extremely well. At Rockbridge, they strive to teach students how to think logically, speak/write eloquently, and ultimately teach themselves.

- submitted by a community member
August 21, 2008
An academically rigorous, Christ-centered K-12 program based on the classical model of education. This school challenges my children in academics as well as life choices! The small class sizes (typically around 15) ensure that the teachers really know the students. The sports program is developing and currently offers middle school and high school soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. Only major downside to the school is the facilities situation, but with the acquisition of land and God's grace, this may be rectified in the near future!

- submitted by a parent
August 19, 2008
The teachers at Rockbridge Academy genuinely care for my children and I most appreciate how they come alongside me to train my children in Godly character. The classical Christian educational model is also the best method of education there is.

- submitted by a parent
August 05, 2008
A terrific Christian school with truly integrated K - 12 classical curriculum. Most important is that the small classes ensure that the teachers really know your child and work with you to shepherd your child's heart and build their character.

- submitted by a parent

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Rockbridge Academy
911 Generals Highway, Millersville, MD  21108
(410) 923-1171
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