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Public district
Rockville, MD
Students enrolled: 2,318

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2100 Wootton Parkway
Rockville, MD 20850

(301) 279-8550
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Teacher effectiveness: Very ineffective
July 07, 2015
This is a school for parents who can afford to send their kids to "cram schools" and otherwise force them to achieve academically. It is also a school that is rife with snobbery and with rich kids who lord it over other students. Having the latest model cell phone is a necessity for a kid to get attention from their peers, otherwise your child will be sneered at and treated like garbage. There are profound divisions in this school along racial and ethnic lines which nobody in the school administration acknowledges or does anything about. The guidance counselors are absolutely the worst feature of the school and they offer no help to kids at all. My child had serious problems at Wooton and wound up dropping out to take the GED. Her guidance counselor and a deputy principal actually pressured her into dropping out, an example of educational malpractice if ever there was one. In a more supportive environment she would have prospered. This school is supposed to be a paragon of public education. What it really is is a place that processes the children of the rich and well educated and when faced with any challenges it looks the other way.

- submitted by a parent

June 17, 2014
Yes, Wootton is a strong school from an academic perspective and has some good teachers and admin staff. That being said, it is important to note the school is over crowded, high pressure and unwelcoming. There is so much emphasis on academics, the school feels tense. If your child can handle a large school with high pressure to excel academically, this is the place for you. If you are looking for something more friendly, more individualized, look elsewhere.

- submitted by a parent

February 01, 2014
Thomas S. Wootton High School is one of the best high schools in the State of Maryland, it consistently achieves top academic top scores along with a thriving environment which supports many diverse student interests via student clubs, theatre, music, and sports. The Wootton administration is very serious about fostering an environment for students to do well. Parents are very involved in making sure Wootton stays on the top of its game. The student composition at Wootton tend to come from very well educated and upper middle class if not wealthy backgrounds. We looked at several of the "W" high schools and found there are more students at Wootton who are driven to do well through merit but are also more down to earth. Intelligence, creativity in solving complex problems, and hard work is valued. There is less of a problem with distractions such as "designer drugs", snobbery, and bullying that permeate some of the other schools.

- submitted by a parent

May 24, 2013
Wootton has a lot of great things to offer. It depends each kid to get the best out of it. It's very competitive school. Peer pressure is high. They have a lot of AP classes to offer. You have to take a lot of AP classes to show the college that you challenge yourself. Sport teams are very hard to get in. There are too many kids super good at certain sports. Theater is huge at Wootton, especially the musical production (almost like Broadway). Plenty of internship opportunities. Almost all Science and IT students do interns during the summer or in senior year. Wootton's graduates are well prepared for college. At the same time, it is very competitive to get into the top colleges because you have to compete with so many super kids. Be prepared!

- submitted by a parent

February 29, 2012
Thomas S. Wootton High School is a great school where provides many regular classes, honor classes, AP classes and many after school activities. The students are good there. The teachers and consolers are very professional and responsible. The wootton parents are really involved into the school activities. My son spent four years great time there without parents' worries; and he has transferred over 30 college credits from Wootton into his college, which is one of the top universities. Many thanks to Wootton High school.

- submitted by a parent

October 21, 2011
I am currently a junior at Wootton. I'm taking 4 AP classes but one of them is a double period science. Most teachers are usually available before and after school and during one or two lunch periods. They and the administration definitely pressure you to take AP classes, which is great, but they also pressure you to go to at least a couple of after school activities. Many of the people on sports teams practice until 4:30, then go home and do seven hours of homework. If you can handle that type of workload, go for it. Otherwise, I wouldn't get behind on your homework. I've read several reviews on here that complain about the students not being welcoming or friendly. The problem isn't that we're mean but that many of us are excruciatingly awkward. What you may conceive as being "unwelcoming" is probably our attempt at a friendly conversation. Don't take it personally :D

- submitted by a student

August 06, 2011
I went to Wootton and just graduated~I LOVE this school !!!! Students here work hard and have fun at the same time~ The teachers here are all very patient and nice. They'll even stay after school to help students with tests and homework. The principal is also very humorous. Most students here have no problem getting into top in-state schools.

- submitted by a student

July 12, 2011
Yes, you can argue that Wootton has superb academic standing. And you may even argue that the athletic stance of the school is great. But if you're not a super genius or have pressuring parents, I don't see how any student can be satisfied. I entered the school system late into my 8th grade year, and was automatically placed into Wootton. My parents have always seen me as really smart, and I've always gotten good grades. But the curriculum here moves so much faster than I'm prepared for that I moved out of Honors Matter & Energy after failing the unit test. But the regular Matter & Energy was even worse. While I could keep up with the curriculum, I was getting straight A's. So at Wootton, all you're getting is immense pressure and speed to be a super genius or you feel stupid for not keeping up. In addition, the sports also play a huge roll in the school. If you don't play a sport or excell at any particular subject, you're kind of left behind. And by the way, for all those out there who doubt me, if you're getting B's, you're getting good grades. C's are mediocre, D's are bad, and failing is an actual F. Or, as it is here, an E.

- submitted by a student

March 15, 2011
READ THIS REVIEW!! Okay, Wootton has academic superiority. Awesome. But from my understanding, that is the only thing they care about. If you are an A+ student you'll do great. But if you're anywhere under that, you'll have trouble keeping up. I am currently a sophomore at Wootton and this is my first year here. I had the worst first impression and it never got better. No one made me feel welcomed. Good luck being a high school student with no freinds and average grades. I would never think that there is a high school in this country with as little school spirit. I would bet you anything that half the kids don't even know what the mascot is, because I forget too. No one cares about their school. It's so trashy. It just makes you stressed out when you think you have to get perfect grades to live up to the teachers' expectations. As a student, take my advice. The only reason these parents are rating it 5 stars is because their kid is getting perfect grades. My Honors Chemistry teacher told me to check into Regular Chem after having a solid C. As a student with a love for music, the sad excuss of a music department was sickening. I honestly hope Dr. Doran sees this. Thanks for reading

- submitted by a parent

June 25, 2010
Wooton High School has done a terrific job preparing both of my kids for their college education. The workloads that they experienced (particularly in their Junior years) were very intense and simulated worloads experienced in college. As Seniors, the school offers a variety of learning options such as internships for credit and College Institutes. Combined with the emphasis on AP classes, many students enter their college career with a semester or more of credits. Student activities are plentiful ranging from sports to clubs to music. Spirit is encouraged and evident at various competitive events.The principal does an outstanding job of communicating with a weekly recorded phone call out to the parents, informing them of various issues of a timely nature. Culturely the school is diverse, with almost 1/3 of the student population being of Asian decent. Parent involvement is mixed.

- submitted by a community member

September 28, 2009
this school shows academic amzingness in every sense!

- submitted by a student
no rating
September 17, 2009
It is a great school with outstanding academics and extracurricular activities.

- submitted by a parent

April 30, 2009
My son attended this school before we moved. Great school district but they promote bullying instead of working to prevent it. My son saw kids bullying others all the time. Thank goodness we were only there for a few months....bad influence. there were two kids in particular that always found it funny to make fun of others. they were never reprimanded. A pity.

- submitted by a parent

April 02, 2009
Currently, I'm a junior and very excited to be a senior next year. Though the stereotypical answer from a student in school is wanting to be as far away from it as possible, but we have students who are there from when the doors open at 6:15 until it closes around 5. Students aren't at school merely for the purpose of passing school and such, but to expand their knowledge. I'm a part of numerous clubs, on sports teams, and maintain a GPA above a 3.5. I have taken classes ranging from AP and honors credited ones and I know that I wouldn't have had a chance to be a part of in another school. Go Patriots!

- submitted by a student
no rating
July 07, 2008
A drop from 17 to 57 hardly means anything at all. As long as Wootton stays in the top 100 IN THE NATION, then we'll be fine. Dr. Doran is helping to make the school more well rounded. As far as success goes, Wootton is what you make of it. If you work hard and get help when its available and when you need it, you will succeed. Furthermore, there are all types of kids here, and unlike typical cliches of dumb jocks and supernerds, all types of students try their best here. I've met several football players with 4.0s,etc. As a rising senior, I feel very proud and fortunate to have gone to a great school like Wootton. One last piece of advice: get involved. Wootton has tons of opportunities. I've attended almost all of our football and basketball and have joined many clubs.

- submitted by a student
no rating
June 18, 2008
Wootton has now dropped in the rankings from 17 to 57. Dr. Doran the principal is focused more on sports than academics. Average students do not do well here.

- submitted by a parent

April 07, 2008
This is a great shool that is fortunate to have an outstanding educator as the principal. Student do extraordanarily well -- getting into the nations best colleges as well as beyond. Although demographics such as high educational attainments of parents and consequent high income may also be a factor.

- submitted by a parent

March 17, 2008
I am a senior at Wootton High School and it is a great school. AP and higher level courses defintely make you think outside of the box and they expect you to perform at a college level. Although we are known to be one of the best public schools in the nation, our sports programs are beoming increasingly better. Both the soccer and basketball teams made it far into the playoffs, as well as Lacross becoming the State Runners-Up and Ice Hockey as the State Champs. While some can be a little close-minded and spoiled, everyone is very friendly. Their are cliques but everyone has friends

- submitted by a student
no rating
January 08, 2008
Wootton is an amazing school! We are absolutely thrilled that are kids go to school there. The principal is the best, academics amazing (but very tough), and teachers always available for help before, during lunch and after school. We wanted a house in the Churchill district-very glad we chose Wootton instead!

- submitted by a parent

February 18, 2007
I graduated from Wootton High School and can say without a doubt that I was fully prepared for college courses as well as college life. The available options at the school are great from the classes offered to the after school clubs. From year to year the school spirit was never something to speak of but every graduate comes away with a comprehensive set of skills. In college I have found that my high school education (slightly above average at Wootton) was far better than that of my college peers. The plays and drama program at Wootton are great!

- submitted by a student

February 03, 2007
Wootton has been a huge disappointment to me and my child. We bought our house because of Wootton. We've had numerous problems due to their clerical errors that continue to affect my child. The students are not very receptive to new students. My child won't eat the lunches there. This school is no better than the school we left in another state. They talk to talk but they don't walk the walk. Overall, it's an average school.

- submitted by a parent

November 12, 2006
I have had two students attend Wootton. I think the school is great for students who are self sufficient, but for those who are average they get lost in the shuffle. That said, I have always thought of it as a safe school and generally good. Parental involvement is high, they put on great shows with the drama department and the honors programs are challenging.

- submitted by a parent

May 26, 2006
Wootton is an excellent school. Their academic program covers everything a student might need to make the best colleges. the class of '06 had 8 students who made IVy league schools, over 100 made Maryland university, and most are planning to attend college. There is a very diverse ethnic population , though. Also, there seems to be some substance abuse by students, but not on school premises

- submitted by a student

April 22, 2006
who ever just left a review in december of 2005 is completely wrong. all three of my students have beem in wotton. one of them is still in wootton now. i have never had any complaints about any of the teachers, or students in the school. wootton continues to be one of the greatest and academically achieved public high schools in america. as for the school property, the janiters, and students, all work to keep the grounds as clean as possible. whenever my children enter the school they always feel saf, for there are no security issues. overall, wotton is an amazing school

- submitted by a parent

December 14, 2005
This school is not what it's said to be. Academic wise, it's pretty good, but there is a whole lot of negativity everywhere. Things get stolen all the time, and it's very trashy. People simply cannot pick up after themselves.

- submitted by a student

November 29, 2005
Wootton is an excellent school, we choose our house because it was in the Wootton School district. Recently they were named the 17th school in the country by a big named magazine. Although it is a large school it mets and fufills everyones needs. The girls soccer program is also incredible. Wootton is the place to be.

- submitted by a teacher

October 08, 2005
I have two very different kids at Wootton, and both have never been happier. One is in the humanities signature program, loves the arts, is involved in performances, trips overseas with the school etc. The other is science oriented and sports minded and the school is great for him too. I like all of their friends and I guess most importantly, I find they have learned so much from Wootton teachers. My 12th grade daughter has been encouraged to take AP courses (9 in total) and found teachers available before school, at lunch and after school if she needed help with the highly rigorous curriculum. Wootton teachers helped her learn what she needed to know to score high on her AP exams, and this has given her great choices for college. So thank you, Wootton, for giving her such a great high school program and opening doors for her future!

- submitted by a parent

July 12, 2005
Wootton has its ups and downs. The students are generally very academically oriented and involved in extracurriculars. Unfortunately, there is a serious gap in expectations between the kids who are in honors and those who are not. This is especially true for disadvantaged minorities. Also, some of the better teachers have left with time. They have been replaced with teachers who seem to care more about grades and test scores than about the students' personal development. I hope these trends will change. Students, honors and not, need to be given more supervised responsibility so they can develop into adults.

- submitted by a student

April 19, 2005
I must say that while Wootton seems to offer a safe environment compared to many high schools in Montgomery County, it does not necessarily live up to expectations in the quality of teaching staff. This, granted, is only the first year my son has been in the school, but I would have expected higher depth of skill and knowledge from honors level teachers, especially in Math and Science. It's great that the kids aren't allowed off campus during the day, and the communication with parents is done pretty well. There seems to be a high level of parent involvement, and the counseling staff is wonderful, and puts out high expectations for the mostly college bound kids.

- submitted by a parent

October 24, 2004
This is the best school ever! They've everything my kid needs and it has a great environment.

- submitted by a parent

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Thomas S. Wootton High School
2100 Wootton Parkway, Rockville, MD  20850
(301) 279-8550
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