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Temple Hills, MD
Students enrolled: 1,340

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6901 Temple Hill Rd
Temple Hills, MD 20748

(301) 449-4800
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December 02, 2014
In my personal opinion this school is by far one of the worst i have ever attended.

- submitted by a student

August 12, 2012
I like the progress Crossland has made. Charles Thomas and his team turned this school around to a world class educational instituion.

- submitted by a community member

November 17, 2011
Crossland is absolutely the worst school I've ever been to and I've been to a lot of schools. The teachers have no idea what they're doing and the ones that do are stuck with students who dont care about their grades. All you hear is cussing and people copying other people's work. The principle and his vice are so unqualitified to be there. They suspend students for literally nothing and do nothing to inform the parents of it. I think they like to pick on students to be honest. they think every little thing you do requires a break from attending. They are truly just an uncaring school. I cant wait to leave.

- submitted by a student

December 24, 2009
this school is a excellent school and the best i was a former student and completed last year infact it is always the first among the best

- submitted by a student
no rating
October 29, 2009
Administration does not welcome parent involvement and shows very little concern for the students.

- submitted by a parent

September 14, 2009
I am currently a student at Crossland. I am in 11th grade. It's the first for Crossland. I have to start off by saying Crossland is not that bad of a school in my opinion, but the teachers do show major signs of favoritism, they will call your parents and reword and rethink their attitude before they call your parents. In class they may yell at you but while speaking to your parents they change it around to, 'We just want the best for you.' So I have to say, parents, I do understand we children will be bad, we act up, we talk back, we're teenagers, you did the same thing when you were young. But when your back in a corner with your teacher pointing at you and your parent is there to give the teacher a helping hand to come down on you with. It doesn't help!

- submitted by a student
no rating
September 01, 2009
I agree with you an that end. It is frustrating trying to get someone to be responsible.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
July 29, 2009
this school is terrible. Im a former student of this school and it wasnt of satisfactory. when i needed help to graduate on time, i was given random electives and not the couses i need . i ended up failing and not graduationg with my friends. the teachers seemed to have more attittudes than the teenagers. I only learned enough for a basic education, but more could have been taught.

- submitted by a student

March 19, 2009
This school is terrible. At first I didn't believe my child when he said the teachers don't care and I saw if for myself. I tried to communicate with his teachers and their attitude was I don't care if he pass my class or not. I'm moving to another county so I can transfer him to a better school.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
March 18, 2009
I transferred my daughter from Virginia school system to Crossland and let me be the first to say that I'm making it my mission to get her out of there. The staff is non-responsive with a non-chalant attitude. They do no wrong but preach on the website that communication has proven to be their greatest asset. Well as a parent who have tried to gather information RE: my daughter from teachers and even the principal, this asset has not been demonstrated. As a parent, if I'm frustrated with the 1/2 response I'm getting from the administrators, I can't imagine how the students feel. Remember, these are the individuals who are preparing our children for the future.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
February 05, 2009
I think Crossland High School is just a place where kids go to pass the day away. The teachers never get back to you or the administrators. You have to send a series of emails call several times and even go up there to get a simple answer from someone. They have a new computer grading system this year and none of the teachers act like they understand how to use it so therefore the students suffer with incorrect grades or no grades at all. I wish my kids did not have to attend this school, but unfortunately it is the school for our district, but I would not reccommend it to anyone. All the administrators even the Principal are lazy. I just hope my kids are able to graduate on time and get the heck out of there.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 22, 2008
Crossland has a high percentil of teachers who would rather been know for the power they have over the kids rather than be know for the extrodnary difference he or she makes in a students life, others are known for just existing, don't notice me I won't notice you syndrom. At what point are we as adults, parents, teachers, administrators etc. that kids need us to be real in there lives, they need us to lead by example not by your power to be a leader; big deal, learn to share of a leaders heart; teach of a leaders knowledge. Think a little more of the children that are in your reach everyday and find it in you means to make a difference in there lives.

- submitted by a parent

August 29, 2008
As a Crossland Alum, I say Crossland is a good school! There are bad things that happen in every school because of a couple of students who decide not to do the right thing. Is the entire reputation of Columbine high school tainted because of two students? No, so the same is true for Crossland! As far as education goes, I graduated Crossland with a high GPA and ended up on a full tuition scholarship to the University of Maryland. What does that say about the education I received? It says I learned what I needed overall! Some may not go to college straight from HS but, many of us do. And still others find that Crossland's VoTech prepared them well for their field so overall, this is a great school if you put your mind to it and make the best of your education, no matter where you are attending!

- submitted by a student

November 14, 2006
My daughter started at Crossland in her ninth grade year. There were problems at the school, but then there are problems at every school. Crossland has it's good points as well as bad points like any other educational institution. If we as parents stop complaining and get more involved with the PTA and go to the schools on a regular basis to be visible, then maybe something would change. I feel that the passion teachers, parents and students had for education at one time is dwindling away. It must start at home. We as parents have to stand behind the teachers and let them know that we are here to help them help our children. We all know our kids what they are capable of or not. Get involved to make Crossland a better school.

- submitted by a parent

March 02, 2006
although CHS is always getting bad rep...CHS is not that bad,as a student spending three months going to CHS and now going to a school in walfdorf,md it was a big change.CHS had a few errors such as the lunch food was not so good,when activities such as the pep-rally are held;it could get a little crazy, and a few fights occured,but i see that as a normal mostly black school where things can happen.Since the new principal and staff has entered CHS,things has improved from what i seen and experienced,they don't play.Get in a fight you get 10days,get another you get 30days,things like that,but anyways make a long story short,CHS is not that bad,the education at the school is there as long you want to learn and relatively the schoolwork was very simple and easy.The school and people attending the school might not be up to point,but thats life,deal

- submitted by a student

February 20, 2006
This is my daughter s last year at Crossland High School and I must say I was very impressed with the staff as well as the students. There are a lot of nice kids at Crossland High School who have excelled in their education. I ve had relatives who also attended Crossland High School who have graduated and have become well abiding citizens. I really appreciate the time the counselors shared with me in one or more experiencing at Crossland HS; very professional staff. The progress reports were always on time and are a definite advantage for parents and students in reviewing your child academics at certain quarters. Furthermore, the PTA President keeps you very well informed of upcoming events as well as activities for parents and students.

- submitted by a parent

November 21, 2005
Against advice I transferred my child into the school's technical program in her junior year. The first time I visited, the principle was roaming the halls and greeting people- - I have never seen principles of other High Schools. The staff is responsive and caring. In a previous school I mentioned a problem and the teacher replied that it wasn't their problem and they weren't going to address it, in this school, every teacher I talked to was willing to address problems and to work with parents. One of the best things about this school is that every person is required to show their identity badge, which eliminates students lying about their name. I have substitute taught in other highschools and this is by far the best behaved and most well organized that I have seen in the county.

- submitted by a parent

October 13, 2005
After living in Canada my whole life I attended Crossland high in august of 2004 for my senior year. It was hands down the worst school I have ever attended. I was brand new not on to the school and the area but the United States I was not given a tour of the school and so on many occasions I was lost, I did not receive my class schedule until the 3rd week of school. In my opinion the school is a fashion show. I had never in my life seen so much hatred. I was excited to be going to a school dominated by blacks but by October I wanted to go back to Canada simply because the school was so hazardous. I once saw two boys fighting in the gym and everyone around me ran to see the brawl once the fight was over one boy got arrested and I decided I wanted to go home, wasn t going to attend school for the remainder of the day. I was not given or told the rules and/or regulations of the school. So one day I walked to the McDonalds across the street and got some lunch. When I returned to the school I was given a three day in school suspension. I disagreed I said since no one told me the rules it was the schools lack of order and knowledge of new students. This is a strong warning to all prospective students. Do not attend Crossland High School. If you don t dress a certain way you will be scrutinized and ridiculed. To all parents that are thinking of enrolling there children. Chose another school. This is not an institution you want your children to be present. This school is a negative environment and may frighten to some students. It is the most unpleasant school in Prince Georges County. I saw roaches and rats in the school. I regret ever leaving Canada to come to this school. It taught me how cruel, unkind, uncaring, and malicious people can be.

- submitted by a student

May 31, 2005
I graduated from crossland high school in 2003. I agree to all of the reviews. Crossland was the worst school ive been to. The principal didn't do anything about the students and the faculites behavior. Students acted like crossland high school was a fashion show. I would not recommend anyone to go to crossland high school.

- submitted by a student

February 19, 2005
Crossland has gotten out of control! Unfortunately the students run the school and dictate who should be there and who shouldn't. The school has great teachers and Admin. staff but the PG. school board makes it difficult for them to do their jobs. It's difficult to put out the trouble makers. There isn't any real money to fund the programs and most importantly, the parents DON'T CARE! They don't care about what's going on until their child is failing or is about to be put out. There needs to be a change with the attitude of the students and the parents and once this happens, then Crossland will be a good school again.

- submitted by a teacher

January 10, 2005
This is my son's 4th and hopefully last year at this school and the quality of teaching the students are very poor, the teachers there have such rude attitudes towards the students, coucelors don't know nothing, they keep the telephone on the answering service when you try to call to schedule a conference with the principal or your child's teachers, the front office staff is just there to try and look pretty for who I don't know. The only good thing this school has going for themselves is their band and that's it, as a parent and one who works for prince george's county school system you would think that I would get better information related to my son than what I get, you can never get a straight answer from anyone from this school, it's to the point where I had to call region three on the school on them.

- submitted by a parent

December 21, 2004
I think that Crossland is the worst school that I've ever had to place my children in school at. The teachers there could care less about my children's education. They were so stuck on the power to decide there future with the stroke of a pen than to actually provide education and teaching. I was at the school for a conference and in the hour that I was there, there were 2 fights. I couldn't believe it my kids had told me about it but I thought they were exaggerating. The kids stayed on their cell phones all the time and were even allowed to braid each others hair during classroom instruction time. I was very upset with the teachers, guidance counselors and especially the assistant principal Ms. Parham this lady was so rude. I heard that this year it is getting better. I hope so.

- submitted by a parent

November 05, 2004
I think Crossland is a terrible school. They are so quick to take disciplinary actions, yet fail to give the time and attention to the students that they so desperately need. Don't get me wrong, I recognize we have some disrespectful and ruthless teenagers, however they still are lacking the time and attention that they need in order for them to obtain the knowledge they will need to sustain them in the future. Whatever happen to the 'no child left behind', and the true caring and concerned teachers and prncipals? I feel alot changes need to be made in order for this school to improve, perhaps a whole new staff. Well I sure hope the neccessary folks read this review and work towards making a differece at Crossland High School It desperatelt need it ASAP.

- submitted by a parent

May 04, 2004
The main problem with the school is the principal. I happened to be at the school for a morning announcement. The principal was literally begging the student body to behave. A lot of the administrators do care about the students, and that's the only thing that helps. A new infusion of teachers would be helpful, also. Most teachers have developed an 'I don't care' attitude towards most students. The staff has to beg the teachers to give make up assignments to students who have to be out for extended periods. I suggest parents, stay on your kids, and the staff. And they might stand a chance.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
March 08, 2004
Crossland is no worse than any other school in the nation. I, too, have been there and it is quite a challenge just like the rest of them. How many parents attend the PTA meetings? How many parents volunteer to helponitor the halls? How many parents actually know the effects of peer pressure? How many parents actually request conferences with the principal or teachers to discuss concerns and offer solutions? How many parents look to the schools to babysit?

- submitted by a student

March 03, 2004
I'm currently attending Crossland High School, and I can not stand that school! I've been there for 1 year(I'm in the 11th grade). My mother tried extremely hard to get me, and my younger brother(who is a freshman) out of that school, but she was unsuccessful [Thanks to the lovely people at the school board for Prince George's County Public School]. The adults in the school have no control over the students. The students regulate that school. The principal is the most asinine principal, that I've ever had. It's like, sometimes she has no clue as to how to run a public High School. Crossland has alot to offer its students, it's just that there is no order in the school, so everything is total chaos. I think that if we got a better principal and some more devoted staff members, then Crossland would be become a better school.

- submitted by a student

February 23, 2004
I've notice when my kids went to Crossland High School, the diversity of the faculity like anywhere else, those who care and those who don't care. What Crossland needs is parents who can take the time out to train the children into caring for others. And a good tutoring programs for kids to admit they need.

- submitted by a parent

January 22, 2004
My son attends Crossland High School and I must admit it is the worst school that he has ever attended. The behavior problems and negative environment is startling. I would advise any parent with a conscience to go to Crossland and observe the environment and see what your child is encountering on a daily basis. I am trying extremely hard to transfer my child out of Crossland, but thus far I have been unsuccessful. We must unite and protest for a better education for all our children. No child should be left behind!

- submitted by a parent

August 19, 2003
Crossland Highschool Is one of the worse Highschools in Prince Georges County. As far as the teachers and their cooperation is terrible. I been and actually sat in the classes monitored the halls and the kids have disturbing behavior problems. The worse part about it is that their isn't any help when it comes to the teachers. They're just letting these kids pass through without taking out the time to understand them and helping them out. All they need is the teachers patience.

- submitted by a parent

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Crossland High School
6901 Temple Hill Rd, Temple Hills, MD  20748
(301) 449-4800
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