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K-12 & Ungraded
Public charter
Foxborough, MA
Students enrolled: 1,200

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131 Central St
Foxborough, MA 02035

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May 23, 2014
I have been going to this school since I was in kindergarten, I am now a sophomore. this school is nothing but great and high achieving. we are challenged academically and socially, in a positive healthy way. most of the parents posting reviews on this are mentioning the iep and 504 programs. in my opinion, my honest opinion, I believe that these systems are wonderful for the students. they have special learning groups that get pulled out for standardized testing so that they can get the help they need. certain teachers are called upon for certain students to guide them through the school day and to have one on one time within the school classrooms and grounds.I honestly love this school and most of the people that left in grade 8 to go on to other high schools thought that if they left, they would get an easier work load and be challenged less. most of my friends that left for high school wish they hadn't had left. I am honored to have such great teachers and student body and to graduate from this school in two years. this school does nothing but make your child strive to be as good as they can and to prosper so that we are ready to go into college and into the real world.

- submitted by a community member
April 02, 2014
Our school is amazing with their education programs. The teachers are outstanding with their compassion to excel their students. We transferred to the school and now in the 5 year of attending,we as parents love the school and our 8th and 10th grade students want to stay till their senior year.

- submitted by a parent
January 20, 2014
I have been attending FRCS for several years so I will give my honest opinion about the school. I hate it very much. If u have heard about FRCS before, you probably heard about how so many of the seniors graduate and go onto college. Now, one must remember that FRCS is comprised of around 1000 students, from grades k-12. This means that the population of the grades 9-12 ( I would call it high school, but honestly, its the same as the middle school there, just different teachers and considerably less students since most of eighth graders there left when they were going to grade 9 because they hated the school so much) is very small compared to most high schools in America. The graduating class of FRCS is usually comprised of about 60 students. Yes, I said that right. They are around 60 students each year in the senior class. so when they say that so many of their students go college and whatnot, keep in mind that there are only 60 of them.

- submitted by a community member
May 06, 2013
There is NO Special Education Director at this PUBLICLY Funded Charter School. Be very wary of this school. It is NOT all that it is cracked up to be. Many Children are at risk and are behind their peers if they transfer out. Don't believe what these administrators tell you-this school teaches at GRADE LEVEL according to the Mass Frameworks and they DO NOT support children that struggle or are behind. It may be a good fit for some-but it most certainly is not a choice above OUR local district.

- submitted by a parent
August 18, 2012
DO NOT send your child to FRCS is they are on an IEP!! We lasted two years and it was the most stressful two years of my families life. The staff did not understand my Childs learning disability nor did they try. They are all talk, I know there are several parents of children on IEPs that have similar concerns. I have read other reviews on this site concerning this issue, PLEASE take these reviews seriously!! You have to stay on top of the staff at all times, they are always on the offense and even when they want to help they don't always work as a team. There is diffidently an internal conflict and it effects the SPED students greatly. Administration is extremely political and it surprises they get away with what they have put these children through. As a parent you have to be on the defense and be ready to be aggressive. They are not a partner in education, I had a choice I left. My child is so much better off now, getting the services he needs from his him district. Please remember I review is from the perspective of a child who receives SPED services.

- submitted by a parent
May 20, 2012
My children are in 1st and 2nd grade and both are great students. They were reading when they got to Kindergarden and teachers gave them extra work so they would not be bored and pulled them out of class when something is easy so they could do advanced work. Great school they love learning spanish and it's a longer school day than a typical public school. Not to mention they have uniforms so childen don't have that distraction to deal with.

- submitted by a parent
February 03, 2012
Our son is a Kindergartner at FRCS and we could not be more pleased. I can go on and on with kudos but with brevity in mind here are the standouts: 1.) Staff We have spoken on numerous occassions with several of the staff and each has been more than willing to chat with us, discuss our issues in detail, and drive forward to a resolution in a fast and efficient manner. 2.) Facilities The kindergarten classrooms are state-of-the art in both their technology and resources available to the students. 3.) Lines of Communication At any given point we have full access to both the teachers and directors at the school which is important to us as parents. 4.) Quality of education When my son entered Kindergarten he could not read nor was his site word list large. The other evening he read a book to me, talk about a WOW moment! Also, he is already speaking spanish. I can t say enough about how lucky we feel that our son hit the jackpot and won a seat in the lottery. We look forward to 1st grade. The Frolio Family.

- submitted by a parent
February 02, 2012
MY school is awsome don't you forget it. There is a super long waiting list. WE are learning stuff a grade above our level. We talk spanish everyday and have a community service club. We just got a new highschool/middleschool building, Gym, and cafeteria. The library was just reventanated. We have a huge amount of sports like Soccer, Basketball, baton, Track, and cheerleading. They are all lead by fantastic coaches. I am currently in 6th grade. I have been going to this school sense i was in 3rd grade, and started baton in 4th. When i first started going here i hated dreess code. as the years went on though i really didn't care anymore. I realized it was so we wouldn't be distracted. I have made many friends at schooland it gets kids excited. I have many friends in lots of other grades too. ONe was a girl named cossette harris. you may know her. SHe is currently a senoir. SHe is on the baton team and is really nice. There is one teacher that stands out to me the most. Her name is Mrs. MOran. she is my math teacher and we relate in so many ways like she did the same sports as i did. I hope to stay at this school to my last day of highschool!

- submitted by a community member
December 26, 2011
My daughter started at this school in Kindergarten, and is now in 3rd grade. I really feel that all in all, this is a good school. They tend to have good core values that they teach the kids, and the families for the kids are in very involved in the well being of the kids and the school. The fact that this is from kindergarten through high school is a huge plus, as the kids are allowed to get comfortable in thier school and their enviorment, and the dress code allows them to stay focused on the things that are important, rather than the latest fashion trends. All of the older kids in the school all seem to have really good attitudes, and they seem to help out with the activities for the younger kids. Teachers keep in touch through e-mail when you have questions or just want to check in, which is very convienient to keep informed. They are finishing up on updating the school and expanding, which was much needed for the kids, so the future looks bright. If I had to point of any negatives, I would have to say that the area where the kids are picked up after school is too small and seems dangerous. I am surprised there have been no accidents. Also, it can be hard to get help from admin

- submitted by a parent
September 08, 2011
We have attended the charter school for 11 years. K-4 grade was a wonderful experience for my children. The teachers were great! From 5th grade on it has been an up hill battle. I kept thinking it was growing pains and things would improve but it hasn't. Class sizes are to big and there is not enough support in the class rooms ( with teacher aides) for each teacher to adequately accommodate all of the needs of their students. The number of students within a class that require accommodations have increased significantly. Children with IEP's and 504 plans suffer greatly. The special ed department leaves a lot to be desired. Lots of talk but no legitimate support or consistent action. They know what to say to keep them legally out of trouble. It is always easier to blame the child or parent than hold a teacher or school system accountable. The administration is defensive regardless of the situation. There is not a lot of support for parents especially if you are questioning the actions or policy of a staff member. The partnership between school and parent is non-existent unless you are complementing them. Very frustrating place!

- submitted by a parent
August 04, 2011
Gone WAY down hill since we enrolled 6 years ago. Administration is atrocious and incompetent. Transportation is dangerous; children not safe on their buses. Children are herded around like cattle, wait in long lines for everything and are constantly yelled at to keep quiet. Most teachers can't be bothered to take students out for recess, so the few minutes break they get is spent indoors (even in good weather) where again, they are yelled at to keep quiet. Half the teachers we have had are equally horrible. E-mails are consistently unanswered, repeated requests for conferences are ignored. My child reads way below grade level, but the only attention the schools pays to this is a letter in early June telling me he should go to summer school. When I try to address it during the school year I am told he talks too much. My children are not happy at this school, but sadly it is a better alternate to our local public school. They pride themselves on their academcis. I find it to be nothing more than an overload of paper task. There is very little hands on learning for young children and no creativity whatsover.

- submitted by a parent
November 08, 2010
The only reason I didn't give the school 5 stars is because the school grounds could use better quality construction, design, and landscaping. But, they are slated to get a federal grant so it will improve. As far as the education and teachers, I've been very impressed. Reports are online, easy access to teachers, class room size is adequet, and they have special teacher/tutors who will pull children aside for special attention if needed. They are also already teaching Spanish in Kindergarten. It's like a free private school. As far as friendly environment for people of color that is a bunch of hogwash. I'm half Latino and have seen several different kids of color from Indian, African-America, Asian, etc. The 'color' population in the school is definitely no-less than the % of those cultures in the surrounding community radius. I can't even pronounce some of my children's friends names.

- submitted by a parent
March 24, 2010
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
March 03, 2010
Foxborough Regional Charter School (FRCS) is great academically. Children are learning on average a grade higher than their present placement. However, it is not a friendly environment for people of color. FRCS does a horrible job in maintaining cultural competencies. Out of the entire faculty there is only 2 Teachers of color. (African American) This is unacceptable as the population of Haitian speakers, and African Americans tend to increase each year. As a school whose motto is 'Enter to Learn and Exit to Lead, they are doing a horrible job in leading the call to increase the diversity on their staff and implement organizational wide diversity training. There lacks diversity on the Schools leadership team, no diversity centered parents' group neither is there any diversity on the FRCS Board. Should you decide to send your child-of-color to FRCS, ensure you are very involved in EVERY aspect of your child learning.

- submitted by a parent
no rating March 05, 2009
I have to say that the benefits of this school far outweigh the cons. I have sent my older children to 3 schools (2 top rated) and this is by far my favorite and will be the only school my children attend (at least for Elementary School). My children are exposed to such a variety of children-it's wonderful! Growing up in the city, I really wanted my children to be exposed to other cultures, colors, religions, socioeconomic status' etc. Dress code is wonderful, and I LOVE that they really learn spanish at such a young age. I do agree it has it's issues with the building/grounds & parking lot, but I think my children are getting a great education and in the end, that is what school is about.

- submitted by a parent
February 17, 2009
I am so glad I go there. I have been attending this school for eight years. Let me tell you, I wouldn't trade this school for any other. Yes, as many parents posted, we don't have a million dollar playground or enough buildings to get lost in when trying to get to your Math class. But the overall, it's a great school. Teachers are kind, and are always there to help- during student life, academic enrichment, before and after school. Dress code is essential to my review. It all began as a dread, but as the years passed I had noticed that the dress code had really affected people during class. Spirit days always distract people (wearing neon yellow sweatshirts, pink t-shirts, pajamas, etc.) Most of the students in myself have grown to appreciate our school, no matter how small it is or what we are limited to wearing.

- submitted by a student
November 23, 2008
I am one of the original kindergardeners who began attending FRCS when it first opened in 1998. I am now a sophomore, and have nothing but good things to say about the school. Lower School was great - I was always eager to speak to my relatives in Spanish when they asked how I was doing in class. Upper School is an absolute blast. There are so many leadership opportunities available through the Student Life Organization: tutoring/mentoring, event planning, SADD, student-run clubs, etc. Meanwhile, everyone has high academic goals and a strive to learn. Lots of challenging honors classes; pre-APs in english, biology, chemistry, and (soon) Spanish are offered starting in 10th grade to prepare students for APs. Expectations are high but within reach and help is always there when you need it. Don't judge FRCS by its appearance; it's really an amazing and unique place.

- submitted by a student
November 04, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
October 07, 2008
I am a parent of an elementary school child. I have always been impressed by what child learns. My child comes home happy, seeming to have been very carefully and well disciplined. Academic expectations high. However, orientation is poor. The elementary school principal surely has many gifts, but connection with parents has not been one of them. At public events, she isolates with staff, doesn't actively engage with parents or students. Doesn't even say hello. Her letters to parents have sometimes been rude, defensive and arrogant. She has not followed through on e-mails. Parents are not given opportunity to regularly give feedback or evaluate school or principal. Unsafe -- playing in parking lot, kids walking close to moving vehicles, sticks and stones all around school which some kids have bullied others with. Unwelcoming, abysmal landscape -- weeds, trash, dead leaves and plants everywhere... real turnoff. Athletics sorely lacking -- no facility.

- submitted by a parent
no rating October 07, 2008
A great,challenging school working to create a culture where it is 'cool' to be smart.Spanish in kindergarten- a definite plus.Teachers are enthusiatic, easy to communicate with and responisve to parents concerns.Mr. Logan is wonderful,as is Ms. Altham-Hickey.The school doesn't 'teach to the middle' but seeks to challenge those who are at an more advanced level w/ more challenging opportunities esp. in reading,math.Discipline is under control- the 'card change' system in the lower grades is effective.As others have stated the aesthetics of the facility aren't as important as a quality,challenging academic environment.Additionally, FRCS is working to shape children into 'good citizens'.

- submitted by a parent
no rating October 04, 2008
I am a parent who had two children attend FRCS for six years. It is an academically challenging school. When you come here you need to be able to put a lot of team effort in organizing your child's schedule. There is a lot of pressure to perform and do your very best. They do a great volume of test weekly and parents need to expect this. If your child is on an IEP, to keep on your toes and attend those SPRC meetings so that you can have the support you need. D.P of Walpole,MA

- submitted by a parent
no rating June 24, 2008
A previous poster noted there are serious reading issues within the school. This would definitely be an opinion, and far from what we experience. In our experience the reading program is strong, and the unique strengths and weaknesses of the students are assessed and addressed continuosly throughout the year. The teachers do a great job at leveling their classes for guided reading and the kids excel within their groups. In our opinion, The reading program is top-notch. All of the academics are, and spanish is the silver lining. So the kids don't have a $100K playground... They use their imaginations and still manage to have fun at recess. It's not about the facility, but what goes on inside the brick and mortar. I would prefer my kids play 4 score and recess and receive a challenging, quality education. They can play on any area playground after school.

- submitted by a parent
May 26, 2008
The school is going to be expanding and updating. There will be more of a variety of sports and extra curricular activities. Don't judje the Charter School by its size because no one should care about the size. There will be a much larger and better playground and playarea for the kids...no worries. The administrators are excellent with the kids...especially the director, Mark Logan. He cares all of the kids as if they are his own. All of the children admire him a lot, too. How do I know this? Apart from being a 6th grade student and have been going there since Kindergarten. Besides having my 18-year old brother and 15-year old sister having attended there untill 9th and 6th grade. besides those things, my father is on the board there and he has a big role in the addition to the school. I fell fortunate to be there.

- submitted by a student
April 29, 2008
Not great . They have metioned expanding and updating the school for years --nothing has happend. All children mainly play in the parking lots or on one small playground equipt for about 15 children, (for lower school) during recess. My children have attended From K-3 and I am not impressed. Serious reading issues within the school. High teacher and student turnover. Horrible administrators. This is our final year.

- submitted by a parent
no rating April 06, 2008
Academics are strong; discipline is punitive and harsh with the younger kids...militant and unrealistic expectations placed on the kids. If your kid is a mouse and academically gifted, you'll be all set.

- submitted by a parent
October 17, 2007
Top quality education.A school that fosters a love of learning.Teachers are dedicated and strive to know each child.Communication is excellent.Teachers and administration are accessible.The building itself is older and not very attractive,but in my opinion the quality of the education is most important,not the aesthestics.Academic expectations are high.Sports programs are scanty.There are numerous opportunities for parental involvement.We feel fortunate our son won a seat in the lottery.

- submitted by a parent
June 14, 2006
First year (K) has been a real eye opener! The student teacher relationships are super & end of week 'Friday Folder' contains past and future news and childs work. The Spanish Night, Art Show & Monster Bash are still topics of conversation at dinnertime. How many other schools are starting children in foreign languages in Kindergarten? Improvements needed in Library/Media Center, cafeteria and Computer rooms.

- submitted by a parent
April 30, 2006
Academic curriculum rigorous and expectations are high. Teachers work to meet those expectations. Administration could be more responsive to individual cases, however that is true in most systems and this is better than others I've encountered. Children are challenged and work hard. Teaching organizational skills is a priority, which is very much needed for kids to succeed. Character building and community service are a core part of the school's curriculum for unstructured times...noone is idle, and all students are expected to participate in some form of the above with guidance from teachers/peers. No tolerance of bullying in any part of the school...if staff are made aware, it is dealt with. Some of the rules seem a bit rigid at times, but they are effective. Huge amnt of parental involvement if one really wants to be involved. Extracurricular could be better, but 'charter clubs' offered each term after school for small fee.

- submitted by a parent
March 17, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
March 13, 2006
I attented this school for 3 years and the cirriculum was great. However, the sports are in need of work. New buldings/modulars are being created during the summer to enchance leaning and student safety.

- submitted by a former student
September 08, 2005
My kids have been at the school since it started (eight years ago) and are now a senior, a junior and a sophomore. I love the school in that most of the students who graduate are fluent in Spanish (most of our grads test out of Spanish in the college placement tests - meaning that the college doesn't offer courses difficult enough for our students) and have many AP credits under their belts. Additionally the upper school is intimate enough that the teachers know your students well and can really help to mold them into exemplary students and citizens. Great choice.

- submitted by a parent
January 26, 2004
Our children have been enrolled in this school for several years. On the whole, we are very happy. The atmosphere, at first, seemed to be about not leaving any child behind, holding teachers accountable, and provding every student with an opportunity to avail his/herself of tutoring resources and intense instruction. It has also been about involving parents so that a roadmap to mastering the curriculum could be found. The emphasis on academics, as opposed to sports activities and peer pressure, is what differentiates the school from others. I do have some concerns, as I believe the school is now starting to lose sight of what has been its core competencies and values. But compared to some other school systems, this is by far the best that we have encountered.

- submitted by a parent
September 25, 2003
Poor plan for a school, executed poorly. I was a student there for four years and easily achieved high grades with no effort; the curriculum was a joke, and the education was based on what teacher you had. There were some awsome teachers, but also many poor ones.

- submitted by a community member

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Foxborough Regional Charter School is a unique K-12 community of learning where expectations of academic achievement are high, a solid commitment to serving others is valued and integrated into the daily curriculum and leadership opportunities are woven into every corner of our foundation. FRCS challenges teachers and families to work in partnership in order to ensure that all students are prepared with college readiness and 21st Century skills upon graduation.


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