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Test scores

user3819190 September 16, 2014

How can we compare the scores of local public schools to those of the independent schools in our area? (0 replies) 


SAT Scores

user5682475 September 2, 2014

My daughter is 7 years old and has now started the 2nd grade. Thus far she is doing great. Last year she took the SAT test and I'm very proud... (0 replies) 


Teacher's Feedback, how bad is this?

user5245042 Latest reply: August 18, 2014

My son is 5 years old going to kindergarten this fall, very smart, motivated, competitive, sweet boy. But we noticed sometimes he is too confident!... (1 reply) 


Son flunked out of college on purpose

momanon1 Latest reply: August 5, 2014

My 20 year old son flunked 4 classes in college this year, and lost his scholarship. He flunked out on purpose - the school is not too hard for... (10 replies) 


Should I move my gifted child one grade up?

user3966246 Latest reply: July 23, 2014

My child is 9 and just finished 3rd grade. I am considering changing schools from public to private, in addition skipping a grade, from 3rd into... (2 replies) 

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