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I have two children. A girl is 8 years in 4th grade and a boy is 5 years in K. I enjoyed my children most when we are outdoor. My son is very active and enjoys his "sis sis" so much. I am so blessed with healthly children and great students. My children loves school and their friends. My son loves to keep things inorder and my daughter continues to need help in keeping her things in place. My children have two activities once a week and attend church service weekly. We visit library and do anything fun weekly. I sub. for my school district two days a week, work at my home based business for two days, and off on Fridays or Mondays. I do lundary on Fridays evening and cook on Saturdays. My husband helps with ironing on Sundays and drop the the children at bus stop/school on the days I work outside the home. My typical day is busy and interesting. I considered my busy life as what I enjoy and want to do. It works so well for me and my family. Our family life is getting more interesting as the children are growing and independent.

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