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I have a 14 year old autistic teen and two little babies (ages 3 and 1). Parenting such diverse little gifts is such an honor and soooo eye opening! I have lived in several states in the US including Washington DC. I have had good and very, very bad experiences with educationally related issues and personnel. I have also had my fair share of dealing with the medical community as well. Advocating for those with special needs and those who provide the support is my passion. It does take a village to raise a special needs child. With every village comes a diverse pool of talent, ideas and perspectives, it is in this diversity that the answers for our children come. So it is only natural if I this is my belief that my biggest pet peeve is people who define everything in boxes and labels. Our children are not boxes, robots or labels. They are culmination of competing and intertwined possibilities and characteristics... Great educators are hard to find and great administration is near impossible. Look, look and keep on looking until you find the right fit of education, medicine and support. It IS possible, It IS out there...you just have to keep searching, believing and moving forward.

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