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I am updating my information. I am a single mother of a now 5 year old boy. He just started kindergarten at a Cleveland public school, which was actually my last choice for him. He was doing good, but now he is being the child that I know him as, very talkative, energetic, busy, loving, etc. We have been going through alot in this year and I am beginning to think that he may be expressing himself by talking alot and so on. Right now that is my main concern, getting us our own home and getting his behavior in school under control.

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  • Post in: Introduce yourself.  April 27, 2009

    I have a 5 year old son whose birthday is coming quickly. It is just him and I.

  • Post in: Does our influence help our children?  April 27, 2009

    I like for my son to look the best that he can, that I can afford. He does wear name brand clothes, but he also doesn't. I think that he is a reflection... More »

  • Post in: do you let your child curse  April 27, 2009

    Some people said that they allow their child/children to say other words, my thing is that that is just changing the word so that it isn't rude... More »

  • Post in: Eight Babies  April 27, 2009

    Mixed feelings really. I would love to have a baby and yet here she is with 8 on top of 6 she already had. That she can't take care of them is... More »

  • Post in: Problem with discipline in Kindergarten - any advice?  April 20, 2009

    My son and your grandson sound like peas in the same pad. My son turned 5 on August 24, and they started school like 3 days later. I didn't think... More »

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