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I love watching my kids learn. I have both a 14 and 6 year old and each one is at a completely different level of learning in their lives. They're both a handful at times and it's difficult dealing with the varying degrees of energy levels (both positive & negative forces, but all very big energies) in my younger and the attitude and belligerence of my teen. With my teenager though, I know that she's stretching her wings and finding her footing in this big world. And now is more crucial than ever to support her in her growth into a responsible, confident, and compassionate woman. Everyday is a trip into realms unexplored and I can never know what to expect. Since my son was born (the youngest) we knew immediately that life would be topsy-turvy, however; we had no idea it would be quite this dramatic! We are now in our harmony once again since he was born. He's as spirited as I was as a child. Life certainly is a roller coaster! I'm a Certified Performance Coach, specializing in Time Management with a sharp focus on making one's dreams come true and Certified Reiki Master.

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