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I'm an older mom. I had Rachel when I was 40. Five years ago, if you told me I would try homeschooling, consider a private school, and try to start my own school, I would have thought you were nuts. In the "old" days, I thought people that didn't like public schools were just afraid of them. My husband and I went to a couple of the worst schools in California and we managed to get an education. And then Rachel came along. Actually, it was my attachment parenting philosophy that hooked me up with a lot of people that were homeschooling. We were having a hard time finding a preschool that we liked and at the same time I was being laid off of my job. We looked at the severance package and I decided to take a break in my 20 year career. That's when I became involved with a local homeschooling group. A very diverse, energetic, and active community. When I went back to work, my husband decided to homeschool. But his career had to take a back seat. We looked at private schools and there is a very affordable one near our home. However, we were on one income and we still couldn't swing the tuition. So here we are in public school. So far, so good. I could do with less homework, but I've been amazed by the teachers. And Rachel's reading just exploded.

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  • Post in: Fundraising  October 18, 2010

    Barefoot Books has a great program and you can do the sale online! Great for parents who want something different than Scholastic. Contact me... More »

  • Post in: unifroms vs. no uniforms!  February 26, 2009

    And that's why we are homeschooling.

  • Post in: Gender segregated schools  February 16, 2009

    Well, there have been boys and girls schools for a long time. My SIL went to an all girls school. She went to UCLA and is a para-legal. I don't... More »

  • Post in: Gender segregated schools  January 18, 2009

    I think they are talking about the higher grades and particularly in math and science. They say most girls don't want to appear too smart and don't... More »

  • Post in: Gender segregated schools  January 16, 2009

    Ten years ago I wouldn't've considered it, but then ten years ago I never thought we'd be homeschooling, either. I'm an engineer and I... More »

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