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Well I am a mother of a now 7-year old boy. I just got married in july to his dad. We have been together for now 8 years. We are a well rounded family so I think. I am a Family Worker for the department of education, I love it because I can have direct contact with the family and try my best to help them and enform them. I love to help children. I understand that they are our future and sometimes they need a little extra help. Sometimes you need to sit and listen to what they have to say without them feeling you are critizing them. Yelling doesnt work. I will do everything and any thing possible to help my child where needed. I am interested in getting more involved in his school. I joined because I think its a good way to stay informed and a good way to meet other parents in your community that have the same interest in the education process of our childrens life as I do. I feel Education is the most important part of life and its also the most understated one. I think that teachers should get all the praise in the world. They are the ones who have lots of impacts on our children. I can not stand parents that put the entire blame on the teachers i think we all have to work together because our children do learn from us. We are a crucle part of there lives.

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