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I'm the President and Founder of SocialSmarts(tm) which is a program implemented in public and private schools, as well as offered "privately" as extracurriculars. We teach not only behaviors, but the foundations for those behaviors to ensure that our children are socially adept, socially comfortable, and have critical skills they need for academic, personal and professional success. I'm passionate about seeing true reform occur in schools because they are not providing the education the children deserve or preparing our kids adequately for life. There is an inordinate amount of wasted funds, resources, and energy in the school system that can be fixed if the legislators, educators and administrators are willing to address the real problem and be brave enough to support change. Our children -- all of them, including those traditionally "left behind" such as minority and poor students, and those with special needs -- deserve the best education we can provide them and deserve to have an equal shot at a bright and productive future. Our present academic system does not offer than and won't, unless we are really willing to look at what the underlying problems are. I am, and I will, using whatever means I can to get the message out and help affect change including the media, techonology and the Internet, speaking engagements to adults as well as schools, and in writing. More info on our program, its successes in schools and our mission can be found at

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