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My name is Germaine Raquel Beuviere A.K.A Gerri B. and author of "Gerri B.'s Blog", "Ges Tajere' Blog" and "Gerri B.'s Fitness Blog". I'm on my fitness journey to become the Master Fitness Trainer I've dreamed of being as well as a Lifestyle Fitness Coach. I'm a serial entrepreneur and the CEO/Founder of my companies Intress Total Fitness (specializing in women's fitness), Intress Sports (specializing in sports nutrition specifically designed for women), Ges Tajere' (a one stop shop providing a sexy and stylish fit for women), Ges Tajere' Active (specializing in customized fit sports bras for women as well as fitness wear and gear for the gym gal) , Gersere Catering, Sui Mystique Weddings, and Sui Mystique Bridals (online store for the bridal party). I'm also Supermom to five lovely daughters....Can you say all that in one breath LOL

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  • Started conversation: Moving  November 2, 2012

    I'm moving to Lancaster, CA next summer with my daughters and I wanted to know which high school has an excellent special educational program.

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