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I am a student, NOT a parent. I am joining this community cause I think it is important to aware parents about the risk of putting their children in religion based private schools. I was in one for the majority of my education and it was a living hell for me, and is a dark chapter in my life full of suicide attempts. Thankfully I got out of there and made some decisions myself and started believing in what I thought was right instead of agreeing with what teachers, preachers, and the media was telling what was right. I went to Seffner Christian Academy left, became an atheist, came out of the closet, now studying to become a photojournalist, and my future is very promising. Many things got me through my depression when I was in private school, one of the big ones was music which exposed me to all the problems in the world. I listened to R.E.M. Nine Inch Nails Marilyn Manson Tool A Perfect Circle Alice In Chains Nirvana and more

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