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I am a dvorced mother with two high school sons. I've been involved with each school the boys have attended; reading to their classes in elementary school; volunteering in the media center; and for the past two years, I've been substituting. The first year I subbed a lot at Plant High School, but out of respect for them, I've subbed more other places this year to give them their space. About seven years ago, I was in a very serious car accident that left me disabled and I had to give up a career I truly loved, mainly because it gave me the flexibility to be involved in the kids' schools, such as going on field trips etc... But I do have good days when I can get out and about and I have found that I LOVE being a substitute even more. Also as a sub, I found that the "better" schools are the ones who have the higher parent involvement. My biggest Pet Peeve is that when a school looses a teacher for whatever reason, it takes too long (sometimes months) to replace them and that is detrimental to the students learning; especially when it is a strong foundation class, i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and any AP classes. Although I am divorced, I don' condiser myself a single parent because my ex-husband is a wonderful father, we've shared custody and responsibility of the boys and we maintain a friendly and united front when it comes to school, discipline, and we both support whatever activity they are involved with. I'd like to see more parents come out not only to support their own child's activities, but support other things that go on at the school and I'd like he parent to encourage their kids to do the same, that is support their friends' activities, even if it isn't "their kind of thing", i.e. drama, band, chorus, etc... The best part about Plant to me is that it is truly a family oriented seems like a very close student body with teachers and administrators who really care.

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