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  • Post in: Kindergarten readiness - special ed or not  December 17, 2013

    I appreciate the reply. He has had an IEP for his speech therapy through the local Elementary school. But he receives his speech therapy through... More »

  • Started conversation: Kindergarten readiness - special ed or not  December 12, 2013

    Today I had a discussion with my youngest Headstart teacher to see how he was progressing. He is in Headstart due to his speech delays. The teacher... More »

  • Started conversation: Star testing question  September 4, 2013

    My son came home from his first day of school saying that his teacher said there will not bill Star testing this school year. I thought maybe he... More »

  • Post in: unifroms vs. no uniforms!  October 28, 2012

    Long Beach Unified is pretty strict about their dress code. For example, navy blue bottoms and a solid color polo shirt. My son's school is... More »

  • Post in: choosing between preeschool and headstart  September 29, 2012

    My youngest is currently in headstart and we are not low income. We were able to qualify because of his speech delay. One of the things that I... More »

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