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  • Post in: Bullying  June 6, 2011

    Hi Juliet, I am sorry for the pain your kids are going through. While it's true that kids have to learn how to stand up for... More »

  • Post in: 12 yr old lying  December 20, 2010

    Whether it's a self-esteem issue, the desire to belong or the need to secure love, the bottom line is that it's fear-based. Consider initiating... More »

  • Post in: Help with a bully  November 29, 2010

    We at Champions Against Bullying are very sorry your child is going through this horrendous experience. Talk to his teacher and the principal... More »

  • Post in: "Do you live in the trash can?" Verbally mean teacher...  March 18, 2010

    It sounds as if that teacher is clueless about leading and definitely about leading by example. She is verbally abusive and has no right to talk... More »

  • Post in: bullying  January 15, 2010

    It's fair to assume that we all know our children fairly well. What we don't entirely know is exactly what they're experiencing at school - especially... More »

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