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I have recently left a school that in my opinion was horrendous in every way possible. It was the only school within an 18 mile radius and private schools in the area were not affordable. They were just as bad anyway. I'm moving to Maine as soon as we sell our home in rural SC. When moving here, I checked on schools in the area as any parent would do and found many schools that said they were Blue Ribbon winners etc. I feel lied to. You don't really know a school until you've experienced the school and from different parts of the country you're left to distinguish the good from the bad on your own. I am always surfing on the Great Schools site and will not even look at a property unless there are several top rated schools in the area. Right now I'm in limbo and have decided to homeschool for 6th grade. It's very frustrating to go through the numerous homeschooling programs and decide which is best for my child. I'm financially limited which makes it harder. My favorite schools from the past have been pioneer schools with art and music being taken seriously. I'll mention Resica Elementary in Marshalls Creek, PA, also Smithfield Elementary in East Stroudsburg, PA. As for Charter Schools.... Chancellor Charter School in Lantana, FL was the best. The children in all these schools I've mentioned took great pride in their schools and in their learning process. My hats off to you all for wonderful structure.

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